10 Tips for Creating Better Mixes

iZotope's free, five-part online audio mixing masterclass

January 9, 2017

Welcome to iZotope's free online mixing masterclass! These 10 tips from award-winning mixer Enrique Gonzalez Müller and iZotope's Education Director Jonathan Wyner are split across the five video lectures below. 

Week 1: Developing good mix habits

All the tips in this course are geared towards developing good mix habits that you can bring to every project you work on. These first two tips can help you prepare yourself and the session file for the creative work of mixing.

Week 2: Balancing like a music lover, not like an engineer

This next tip will help you to breakdown the components of a mix and understand each instrument's place. Set volume relationships between instruments like a music lover, not an engineer. 

Week 3: Tackling gain staging and using reference recordings

With these next two tips learn the importance of gain staging, paying attention to your levels, and how to choose a reference mix.

Pro Tip: Choose something that will not only test the playback system but that will test you! 

Week 4: Frequency distribution and preserving the musical balance

With tips 6 and 7, learn how to work within a finite frequency real estate and safeguard your balance by compensating the output.

Week 5: Defending the craft and knowing when your mix is done

The last three tips are more concepts than hands-on examples. Starting with taking a break, getting some perspective, defending your craft, and then doing the whole process all over again.

Put your mixing knowledge to the test! 

Throughout this mixing masterclass series, Enrique and Jonathan use Neutron and Ozone 7 to create and refine their mixes. Try these tips today with our free product demos!

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