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Download free Tonal Balance Control 2 reference track target curves to help you achieve your or your clients' sonic vision. Compare your track against these curves to see how your production stacks up. Not familiar with tonal balance? Learn more here.

'Are You Listening?' audio mastering video series

Follow along as iZotope Education Director and professional mastering engineer (David Bowie, Miles Davis, Nirvana) Jonathan Wyner guides you through audio mastering principles like critical listening, how to set up your room, and using techniques like EQ, compression, and limiting in mastering.

Season one: The fundamentals

Season two: Your mastering toolkit

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Since the release of Ozone 1 and our first mastering guide, we've continued to release free guides and production cookbooks to help democratize music production. Check out some of these resources below, including some of our original guides! 

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