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Music production is an is an artform that evolves with new technology, workflows, and techniques. Browse through our resources below for the latest in music production to help you adapt and stay innovative.

Our Best Articles on Music Production

5 Music Production Challenges to Sharpen Your Skills at Home
5 Music Production Challenges to Sharpen Your Skills at Home
Itching for inspiration at home? Try your hand at 5 music production challenges to jumpstart your creativity and level up your skills.
6 Music Production Techniques to Hook Listeners in 30 Seconds or Less
Learn how to grab and sustain a listener's interest by using these music production techniques.
Making Beats from Sampled Sounds with TOKiMONSTA
Acclaimed producer/DJ TOKiMONSTA shares how she uses iZotope RX 9 to transform everyday sounds into her own unique beat-making arsenal.
7 Music Production Challenges to Help Finish Your Songs
Jumpstart your creativity with seven music production challenges you can apply to all styles, genres, and DAWs.
How to Create Better Transitions in Your Mix
Learn how to get better transitions in your songs and mixes by creating contrast in your arrangement, adding tension between sections, and automating effects.

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