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Production Lessons with Reid Stefan

Course overview

Become a Better Producer with Reid Stefan

Create exciting vocal moments, mix and master with precision, and get the sound you’re looking for with Reid Stefan’s multi-lesson courses.

You can also download free goodies like Reid's exclusive presets for Nectar and VocalSynth, custom Ableton FX Racks, and more!

Product Vocals     Mix & Master

Mix & Master with Reid Stefan

Learn to mix and master with Neutron and Ozone in this five-episode course. Reid will walk you through the plug-ins, presets, and processing he uses, as well as his own mixing and mastering techniques.

Lesson 1: Starting the Mixing Process
Lesson 2: Mixing Drums and Bass
Lesson 3: Mixing Instruments
Lesson 4: Mixing Vocals
Lesson 5: Mastering

Vocal production with Reid Stefan

Create exciting vocal moments, mix with precision, and get the vocal sound you've always wanted with Reid Stefan's five-lesson course. And don't miss Reid's presets and FX racks so you can follow along!

Lesson 1: How to Mix Rap Vocals like a Pro
Lesson 2: Bringing Rap Vocals to Life with FX and Automation
Lesson 3: Tracking and Tuning Sung Vocals, Start to Finish
Lesson 4: Mixing Sung Vocals like a Pro
Lesson 5: Adding FX and Automation to Sung Vocals
Reid Stefan Answers Your Production Questions

Reid Stefan's Puppet Pack: Presets & Templates

Watched Reid's vocal production course? Now get free presets for VocalSynth and Nectar, free Ableton FX racks, and a free Ableton Mixing Template! And click here to view instructions for installing your presets in VocalSynth and Nectar.

Get Your DLC

Ableton session template and FX racks require Ableton Live 10 and VST3 plug-ins. If you haven’t installed Nectar Pro, VocalSynth Pro, or Relay in VST3 formats, click here for uninstall instructions. Then, reinstall them using Product Portal and be sure the VST3 option is checked during the installation process.