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Audio mastering is the last stage of music production where you add the finishing touches to your overall mix. Check out our resources below to learn the tools and techniques involved in preparing your mix for publishing. 

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How to Use Everything in iZotope Ozone for Audio Mastering

Learn how to use all of the audio mastering tools in the new iZotope Ozone 10 plug-in, the industry’s most advanced mastering suite. Navigate to the module you’re interested in through the YouTube chapter markers in the video!

Our Best Articles on Audio Mastering

What is Audio Mastering?
What is Audio Mastering?
Mastering is the final stage of audio production. Learn more about what mastering is and why it’s important.
How to Master a Song from Start to Finish with Ozone
Learn how to master a song from start to finish using Ozone and Tonal Balance Control.
Understanding Loudness in Audio Mastering
Dive a bit deeper into why that thing we call “loudness” is harder to define than you might think.
What is Tonal Balance in Mixing and Mastering?
Discover what tonal balance is and how you can achieve good tonal balance in mixing and mastering using tools and methods outlined in this tutorial.
10 Tips for Mastering if You're Not a Mastering Engineer
Curious how to master a song if you’re not a mastering engineer? Here are ten mastering tips to get a great master on your own, no matter your expertise.

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