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Ozone 9

The future of mastering

The future of mastering is in your hands

Building on a 17-year legacy, Ozone 9 brings balance to your music with the latest advances in machine learning for mastering audio.

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Welcome to Ozone 9

Never before seen processing for low end, real-time instrument separation, and lightning-fast workflows powered by machine learning—it's all here in Ozone 9. Watch the video and take a tour to learn what's new!

Master Rebalance

Adjust the volume of instruments in your mix in real time.

Low End Focus

Transparently shape and fix your low frequencies with this industry-first tool.

Why Ozone 9?

AI-powered mastering

 Master Assistant can add modern or vintage vibes and help you get the right loudness for streaming.

Match to your reference

The new Match EQ module can give you a custom EQ curve taken from your favorite reference tracks. 

Find your (tonal) balance

Tonal Balance Control helps keep frequencies in line, letting you talk to iZotope plug-ins to fix issues across your session.

Ozone 9 is packed with new features and upgrades! Visit our features page to learn more.

Ozone Pro is here!

Now with EQ scaling, you can quickly add or remove intensity in your tone without changing the shape of your EQ curve. With Ozone Pro, you get this exciting feature, any future Ozone updates, and much, much more!

NKS Support

NKS support puts the power of Ozone into your creative process, letting you master while making music with Maschine or Komplete Kontrol. Open Ozone on the fly and easily add professional polish while making music on your hardware using hundreds of different presets and accessible parameters mapped to your hardware controls. Add loudness, width, and EQ without touching your DAW and keep the creative juices flowing.

Ozone for Streaming

Get your music ready for primetime in today’s world of streaming audio. Set intelligent loudness targets to prevent your music from being turned down by a streaming platform with Master Assistant and Maximizer. Use CODEC Preview mode in Ozone 9 Advanced to hear your music translated to MP3 or AAC. Upload a reference track to Tonal Balance Control, Master Assistant, or EQ Match, and ensure your music stacks up against the competition. Create with confidence knowing your music will sound great in any format!

What people are saying

"I find the new Ozone 9 to be incredibly powerful and easy to work with. Within several minutes, I had come up with an internal combo of processing in Ozone 9 that beat my mix bus of 10 individual plug-ins."

Greg Wells

 GRAMMY-Winning Producer (Adele, Katy Perry, Keith Urban)

"Ozone is my go to in-house mastering tool. When working on an album, I use Ozone to make each new version sound exciting and focused."

Butch Vig

GRAMMY-Winning Producer (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage)

“Ozone 9 Master Rebalance does exactly what it says...It’s impressive how it actually works. You are able to give more life to drums within a stereo mix without damaging the balance within the rest of the mix" 

Joe Chiccarelli

GRAMMY-Winning Producer (Morrissey, U2, The Strokes)

Listen to Ozone 9 sound examples

Before Master Rebalance

After Master Rebalance

Before Low End Focus

After Low End Focus

Before Vintage Mode

After Vintage Mode

Watch Ozone 9 videos

How and When to Use Improved Tonal Balance Control in Ozone 9

5m 37s 

Learn how to ensure solid mix or master translation with Ozone 9’s improved Tonal Balance Control, a tool designed to address balance issues across your session. 

How to Use Master Assistant in Ozone 9

4m 02s

Learn how Master Assistant can give you a starting point that’s intelligently tailored to your music to help you create a professional sounding master regardless of your experience level, and how to make the most of Master Assistant’s new Vintage mode.

Mastering a Song with Maschine and Ozone 9

1m 33s

Introducing NKS support for Ozone 9. Master while making music with Maschine or Komplete Control. Learn how to add Ozone 9 modules and presets to your next Maschine session.

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Review specs and system requirements for Ozone 9

System Requirements

Operating Systems:

  • Mac: macOS High Sierra (10.13.6) - macOS Big Sur (11.6) *
  • Windows: Windows 10

* Supported on Intel-based Macs or Apple Silicon-based Macs running in Rosetta mode only.

Plugin Formats:


All plug-in formats are 64-bit only.

Supported Hosts:

Logic Pro, Ableton Live 9.7 – 11, Pro Tools 2021, FL Studio 20, Cubase 10.5 - 11, Nuendo 11, Wavelab 11, Studio One 5, REAPER 6, Reason, Audition CC, Premiere Pro CC, Bitwig Studio 4, Komplete Kontrol, MASCHINE, Sound Forge Pro 13, Sound Forge Mac 3.

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