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iZotope for Business

iZotope develops intelligent audio production tools designed to accelerate professional workflows, saving time and money.

A Proven Track Record in Audio Production

In media production environments, where budgets are tight and timelines are even tighter, sound is often forced to take a backseat to picture. From flawed location sound to prohibitively expensive ADR to loudness requirements in final delivery, sound quality is compromised too often.

iZotope products distinguish themselves by solving seemingly unsolvable audio challenges like these — and doing so in a way that’s proven to save both time and money.

If you would like to work with us, drop us a line at the link above with the following information: 

1.  Organization name & type (business, non-profit, educational Institution)

2. Specific products & quantity you're interested in

3. Location of your organization (country)

Working with iZotope

iZotope and WGBH Team Up to Improve Quality of Public Media

WGBH talks with iZotope about how the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act introduced a big challenge, and why they turned to iZotope's RX Loudness Control to solve it.

How Discovery Networks International Uses RX on Shows Like Martin Kemp’s Detective

Read how Discovery Networks International uses iZotope RX to repair audio for their show, Martin Kemp’s Detective, and listen to before and after sound examples.

Why Spotify Studios NYC Trusts iZotope Plug-ins

William Garrett, Chief Engineer and Recording Studio Manager at Spotify Studios, shares why he and his team trust Neutron, Ozone, and RX to repair, mix, and master songs for artists like Wilco, Sting, and Ed Sheeran.

RX 7 for Post

Introducing RX 7

Designed for the demanding needs of music and post professionals, RX 7 continues to be the industry-standard audio repair tool.

Remove Lav Mic Rustle with De-rustle

Say goodbye to lav mic rustle with RX 7’s De-rustle module—an industry first.


Introducing 7.1.2 Multichannel Support

Edit audio in multichannel up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 with RX 7 Advanced.


Dialogue Contour in RX 7 Advanced

Reshape the intonation of dialogue to rescue or improve a performance with Dialogue Contour.

What people are saying

"What used to take us a couple hours is now taking us maybe twenty minutes."

Ray Beentjes

Dialogue editor
The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings

"iZotope’s software really helps my efficiency. For example, if I have to match ADR, or if I need to remove the sound of the room out and replace it with something else, I can do this with RX. These kinds of things would have taken hours to do a few years ago, and with this software, it takes just minutes."

Stephen Tibbo

Sound re-recording mixer
Modern Family

"I can't imagine doing my job without RX."

Cameron Frankley

Sound designer, supervising sound editor
The Lego Movie, Terminator Salvation

In 2013, iZotope was honored with an Emmy® Award for Outstanding Acheivement in Engineering Development for our flagship audio repair suite, RX.

Cinema Audio Society logo in black

RX has also been honored multiple times by the Cinema Audio Society — most recently in 2018 for Outstanding Product in Post Production [RX 6 Advanced] and in 2016, and 2014, for Tachnical Acheivement in Post Production.

iZotope Namm tec award

iZotope has had the honor of winning two NAMM TEC Awards and has been nominated every year for the last four years for RX.  

iZotope Logo
iZotope Logo

We make innovative audio products that inspire and enable people to be creative.