5 Tips to Get a Better Sounding Mix in Neutron and Ozone 7

Want to avoid tinkering with mixing issues when you’re supposed to be mastering your project? Resolve them up front in Neutron and Ozone Advanced and put the focus on being creative.

Learn five quick tips to solve common mixing issues in this video and read them below:

  1. Expand the scale of Neutron’s Equalizer to more easily mix bass-heavy content

  2. Visually analyze your mix and make adjustments through the metering tool in Ozone

  3. Minimize unwanted MP3 artifacts like clipping through Codec Preview in Ozone

  4. Use the Transient Shaper in Neutron to reduce the sustain on less important instruments and make space for more important sounds

  5. Easily de-ess vocals and tame harsh sounds in Neutron through Dynamic EQ

Music used in videos: Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine: “Wouldn't Be Enough.” Connect with Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine on their official website.

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