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New in Spire Pro: Creative Vocal Effects at Your Fingertips

by Arthur Kody, iZotope Contributor June 9, 2021
Listen to the newest vocal effects in Spire Pro
Listen to the newest vocal effects in Spire Pro

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The last few updates to Spire Pro rolled out dynamic, useful effects I’m excited to share with you! In this article, learn about three of the new vocal effects available to Spire Pro members, along with the new sharing option included in the Inspire Me vocal effect feature. Keep in mind, these effects are only available to Spire Pro members, so if you aren’t already signed up, start your free trial of Spire Pro. 

I have been experimenting with these new pro vocal effects, and I can assure you they will help your vocals shine—not to mention expand your creativity! In order to demonstrate how these distinct effects sound, I wrote and recorded a song over one of the free beats available to use on the iZotope website called “No Love Song.” Give the full mix a listen below and then let’s dive in!

New Vocal Effects in Spire Pro

Access Spire Pro vocal effects on the Record and Mix tabs
Access Spire Pro vocal effects on the Record and Mix tabs

1. Lo-Fi

The new Lo-Fi vocal effect in Spire Pro is my favorite for adding a bit of distortion to vocals. It works really well for rap vocals, or to add a little old school, nostalgic flavor to a pop or rock track. Powered by iZotope Trash distortion with a hint of EQ, Lo-Fi works well on both main vocals and vocal double tracks because, even if you crank up the effect level to the max, your voice still stays crisp and clean in the mix. Check out the before and after on these rap vocals:

Rap Vocals (Dry)

Rap Vocals - Lo-Fi Effect

2. Chill

If you’re looking to add a relaxing touch to your vocals, the Chill effect does the trick. Combining a phaser and reverb (powered by iZotope Nectar), this vocal effect helps give your vocal a sense of space and movement in the stereo field. It’s great for adding a dreamy vibe to your main vocal, widening your harmonies, or helping create diversity in your vocal sound during the hook. When using the Chill vocal effect, I like to also make sure “Wide/Narrow” is toggled to “Wide” to create even more spaciousness with the effect. Give these before and after examples a listen to hear it in action.

Hook Vocals (Dry)

Hook Vocals - Chill Effect

3. Acoustic Shaper

Acoustic Shaper has been Spire Studio's most popular recording effect, and now it’s available as a vocal effect in Spire Pro! The Acoustic Shaper vocal effect lets you transform the acoustics of your recording room by adding reverb, compression, and a limiter to your vocal. It adds depth and dimension, making your voice sound nice and luscious. Perfect for soulful ballads and vocal belts, Acoustic Shaper is a welcome addition to the Spire Pro vocal effect arsenal. Listen to the before and after samples below to hear how it turns my vocal booth into a grand vocal hall.

BONUS: Recording your acoustic guitar with Spire Pro? Try using the Acoustic Shaper effect on your guitar track to give it more character.

Soulful Vocals (Dry)

Soulful Vocals - Acoustic Shaper Effect

Shareable Inspire Me Effects

One of the coolest new features in the latest Spire Pro update is the ability to share vocal effect chains you find while you’re using the Inspire Me feature that adds unique, randomized effects to any of your tracks. This effect generator randomly combines effects like static EQ, plate reverb, iZotope Trash distortion, echo, chorus, phaser, flanger, and more to create a unique, personalized sound. 

When you tap the dice button, it will apply random preset effect chains to your vocals and, when you find one you love, you can hit apply and the Inspire Me effect will save to your Inspire Me effect list. You can then tap the export button and save it to the Files app on your iPhone. From here, you can easily send it to a friend for them to use in their next project. When they tap the file, they can select the Spire icon to open it directly within the Spire app and add it to their Inspire Me effect library.

Share randomized, unique vocal effect chains with collaborators with the Inspire Me feature in Spire Pro
Share randomized, unique vocal effect chains with collaborators with the Inspire Me feature in Spire Pro

I have been having a lot of fun with this feature, curating my own library of frequently used effects. You can preview the “Rough Racket” preset (one of my favorites) on my vocal throws below and you can download the file to test it out for yourself.

Vocal Throws (Dry)

Vocal Throws - "Rough Racket" Inspire Me Effect

Start your own Spire Project with these new effects 

If you want to experiment with my vocals, download the Spire Project I made for this article. Or, record your own voice and see how the new Spire Pro vocal effects sound on your own pipes! If you haven’t already, you can start your free trial of Spire Pro

Learn more about Spire:

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