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A mix bus is a way of routing one or more signals to one channel so they can be processed simultaneously. Check out our resources below to learn how mix bus processing can help you glue your tracks together and create a more cohesive mix. 

Our Best Mix Bus Processing Articles

Mix Bus 101: Why, When, and How to Group Tracks into a Bus
Mix Bus 101: Why, When, and How to Group Tracks into a Bus
Learn everything you need to know about the mix bus, master bus, and aux bus to get better sonic control and improved organization within your mixes, all while being more CPU friendly.
5 Approaches to Submixes
In this blog we cover a few ways to set up submixes, from the simplest to the most grandiose.
The Difference Between VCA and Sub-Groups in Mixing
VCAs and sub-group busses can be easily confused. Here’s your primer on the difference and when it makes sense to use one vs. the other.
Aux vs. Inserts: to Send or Not to Send?
Learn how and when to use aux vs. insert audio effects on your next production.
6 Beginner Mistakes with Sends and Return Effects
What are sends? What are return effects? We answer these questions and list six mistakes to avoid when using them.

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