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EQ in mastering is about making subtle spectral enhancements to your track to achieve maximum clarity and transparency. Browse through our resources below to learn EQ techniques for mastering and how you can use Ozone to match the EQ qualities of your reference tracks. 

Our Best Articles on EQ in Mastering

EQ (Equalization) in Mastering
EQ (Equalization) in Mastering
Learn how EQ in mastering can help correct and restore the clarity and intelligibility of a track, why you should prep before applying EQ, why filter shapes matter, and how to make thoughtful subtractive and additive EQ decisions.
How to Use Dynamic EQ in Mastering
Learn how and when to use dynamic EQ in your audio mastering practice, along with some common techniques to enhance and control different frequency regions.
Subtractive EQ: a Mastering Engineer's Not-So-Secret Weapon
Learn about the many capabilities of subtractive EQ in mastering, as seen through the perspective of professional mastering engineers.
How to Use Match EQ in Ozone
Learn how to use Match EQ in Ozone to match your session to any reference track to an extreme degree with an EQ that uses over 8,000 separate bands to get the most precise snapshot possible.
5 Ear Training Exercises to Listen Like a Mastering Engineer
Explore five ear training exercises to help you sharpen your listening skills and listen like a mastering engineer.

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