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Stutter Edit Tips & Tutorials

Stutter Edit 2 is a modulation effect plug-in that allows you to chop your samples, tracks, and mix with MIDI controlled rhythm effects. Check out our resources below to learn creative sound design with Stutter Edit 2.

Our Best Articles on Stutter Edit

Learn Stutter Edit 2 in 10 Minutes
Learn Stutter Edit 2 in 10 Minutes
Learn how to use Stutter Edit, one of the most powerful and addictive effects plug-ins, in a matter of minutes. Follow along with audio examples.
3 Quick Ways to Create Transitions with Stutter Edit 2
Learn how to stack effects and synch gestures in Stutter Edit 2, creating transitions packed with energy, movement, and anticipation for what comes next.
5 Tips to Add Movement to Your Mix with Stutter Edit 2
Learn five tips to use Stutter Edit 2 to add movement to your mixes and productions.
8 Tips for Designing Synth Patches with Stutter Edit
Learn how to use Stutter Edit 2 to add elements of sound design to your synth patches and sample loops.
I'm BT, and This Is Stutter Edit 2
Meet BT, GRAMMY-nominated producer and inventor of Stutter Edit. In this article, BT discusses his origins and how he invented a signature effect of modern pop music.

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