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Don't let creative blocks get in the way of songwriting. Explore our resources below to help keep your creative momentum going by improving your songwriting with tutorials on lyric writing, music theory, workflow, and more.

Our Best Articles on Songwriting

9 Ways to Overcome Writer's Block as a Musician
9 Ways to Overcome Writer's Block as a Musician
Learn nine ways to help overcome writer's block, get past creative hurdles, and push the reset button on your songwriting workflow.
How to Start a Song—5 Effective Techniques
These five definitive ways for how to start a song will give you the inspiration to kickstart the creative process and make your tunes even more exciting.
How to Write a Melody for Your Chord Progression
You can write the perfect melody for your chord progression by using a small note range, establishing repetition, implying direction, and adding flair.
Songwriting Techniques: 13 Ways to End a Song
Join us as we explore 13 songwriting techniques for how to end a song, including examples from hit singles both new and old.
5 Types of Rhymes You Can Use in Your Song
Learn about five types of rhymes that you can use in songwriting to avoid cheesy rhyming and expand your vocabulary.

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