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Guitars are commonly used across various genres of music to establish rhythm and melody. Browse through our resources below to learn how to help guitars sit in your mix.

Our Best Articles on Mixing Guitar

7 Tips for Mixing Guitars
7 Tips for Mixing Guitars
Looking to get a great guitar sound in your mix? Follow along as we share 7 tips for mixing guitars, including how to tame harsh sounds and how to make guitars sound wider in the mix.
How to Mix Acoustic Guitar
Learn how to achieve a better acoustic guitar sound by controlling the dynamics of your guitar with compression, removing trouble frequencies with EQ, and creating space for them with panning and reverb.
How to EQ Guitars in Your Mix
Learn how to EQ guitars to reduce unwanted frequencies, bring fullness and clarity to the guitars, and create space for other instruments in your mix.
8 Tips for Using Reverbs and Delays on Guitars
Learn how to put your own spin on classic guitar reverbs and delays with Exponential Audio plug-ins.
How to Fix Guitar Audio Issues: Amp Noise, Fret Squeaks, and String Plucks
Learn how to remove these sounds from guitar audio with tools in RX.

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