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Reference Tracks Tips & Tutorials

Reference tracks are professionally produced songs representative of how you want your own work to sound. Check out our resources below to learn how to mix and master with reference tracks so you can achieve the sound you're aiming for.

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Introducing Audiolens

The new Audiolens desktop app makes track referencing easy by analyzing audio from any streaming platform or audio source, collecting data on sonic characteristics, and matching it within your own mixes and masters.

Our Best Articles on Reference Tracks

How to Use Reference Tracks in a Mastering Session
How to Use Reference Tracks in a Mastering Session
Effectively use reference tracks in mastering using Audiolens and Ozone’s various features—from classic track referencing to AI-powered referencing with Master Assistant.
Introducing Audiolens: Your New Track Referencing Companion
Audiolens transforms your track referencing workflow by analyzing audio from any streaming platform or audio source, allowing you to match the audio within your own mixes and masters.
9 Great Reference Mixes for Modern Pop
Learn how to capture the sonic hallmarks of modern pop music in your mixes by using these professional reference tracks in your session.
4 Popular Mixing Reference Tracks, and Why They Work
Mixing reference tracks are indispensable. Hear four of the best chosen by a seasoned engineer, and visualize their frequency balance with help from Tonal Balance Control.
12 Great Reference Mixes for Rock in the Modern Age
You might not know which tunes to reference when mixing or mastering rock music, so check out these 12 modern rock mixes while referencing during the production, mixing, or mastering process.

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