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Sound Design Tips & Tutorials

Sound design is the art of sculpting audio to produce a desired result. Check out our resources below to learn synthesis and audio processing techniques that will help you create your own signature sound.

Our Best Articles on Sound Design

The Basics of Granular Synthesis
The Basics of Granular Synthesis
Granular synthesis doesn’t get much attention in music production. In this article, we cover what it is, how you’re already using it, and some granular sound design techniques.
8 Creative Reverb Effects for Sound Design
In this article we depart from utilitarian uses of reverb and focus on how to use reverb plug-ins as sound design tools.
Sound Design with Home-Recorded Samples in Iris 2
Learn to use home-recorded samples for sound design with Iris 2, and have fun turning your unique creations into musical instruments.
Synth VST Essentials: Oscillators, Envelopes, and Filters
From oscillators to envelopes and filters, learn the basics of Synth VSTs so you can start creating your own sounds for use in your music production.
What Is Timbre in Music? Why Is It Important?
Timbre in music helps us distinguish one instrument from the next. But how? We ran pure sound waves, instruments, and vocals through the spectrogram in Insight 2 to discover what makes them unique.

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