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Audio Dynamics in Mastering

Audio dynamics processing in mastering is about maximizing the loudness of your track while preserving its transients and dynamic range. Browse through our resources below to explore how you can emphasize dynamic range and add punch to your music with compression and limiting techniques.

Our Best Articles on Audio Dynamics in Mastering

Compression in Mastering
Compression in Mastering
Learn how compression can help manage the subtle relationships between elements in a mix, give it more punch, smooth it out, or reconcile differences between sections.
Limiting in Mastering
Explore the role of limiting in mastering and how to use them without creating too much distortion, while still protecting the integrity of your mix's sound.
Multiband Compression in Action in Mastering
Let's discuss how multiband compression is applied in various mastering sessions with different scenarios.
3 Uses for Parallel Compression in Audio Mastering
In this piece, learn three parallel compression techniques for mastering, including how to add punch and dynamics, tonal balance, and density.
What Is Spectral Shaping?
Learn what spectral shaping is and how to use it in a mastering session to bring balance to the sound of instruments and voices.

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Most Recent Articles on Audio Dynamics in Mastering

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