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Mixing Drums Tips & Tutorials

Drums are one of the most important and complex instruments to mix in music. They establish rhythm and act as the foundation for most songs. Check out our resources below to learn drum mixing techniques for enhancing and controlling your percussion tracks.

Our Best Articles on Mixing Drums

7 Tips for Mixing Drums
7 Tips for Mixing Drums
Learn how to get a full, clean drum mix with these tips for mixing drums, including how to EQ drums, transient shaping and panning techniques, and different ways to apply compression to drums.
Get Started Mixing Drums
Learn crucial drum mixing techniques to help you figure out where to start, how to think, and what to listen for while you’re building the important rhythmic foundation of your recording.
How to Mix Hi-Hats: 8 Tips for Added Energy
A hi-hat is vital to an overall great drum mix, here are eight tips to get you there.
5 Mixing Tips for Better Snare Drums
Here are five tips for mixing modern snare drums to get them sounding punchy, but not distracting.
4 Types of Kick Drums and How to Mix Them
Learn about four different kinds of kick drum sounds and how to get them in your mix.

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