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Tonal balance refers to the distribution of frequencies across the audible frequency spectrum. Check out our resources below to learn how to analyze and shape the tonal balance of a mix to achieve your desired sound.

Our Best Articles on Tonal Balance

What Is Tonal Balance in Mixing and Mastering?
What Is Tonal Balance in Mixing and Mastering?
Discover what tonal balance is and how you can achieve good tonal balance in mixing and mastering using tools and methods outlined in this tutorial.
How and When to Use Tonal Balance Control
Learn how to translate your mix into a balanced master with Tonal Balance Control in Ozone, designed to address balance issues across your session.
Leveling Up Your Mastering Workflow with Tonal Balance Control
Learn how new features in Tonal Balance Control can help improve your current mastering workflow and offer a framework for those without one.
6 Tips to Improve the Tonal Balance of a Mix
Learn six tips to find that perfect middle ground between level and frequency—also known as achieving tonal balance.
1920s to Now: Comparing Tonal Balance in Popular Music
We ran a bunch of songs through the Tonal Balance Control plug-in. This is what we discovered about frequency distribution in mixes from each era of popular music.

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