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One of the main tasks of mastering is ensuring your songs are loud and clear. Excessive loudness, however, can ruin the dynamics of your music. Check out our resources below to learn about loudness standards, how to measure loudness, and how to achieve optimal levels for your master.

Our Best Articles on Loudness

Mastering Pros: How Loud Should My Master Be?
Mastering Pros: How Loud Should My Master Be?
Make your masters loud through a healthy combination of critical listening and an understanding of the key factors that directly influence loudness in mastering.
Are You Listening? Loudness in Mastering
Dig a little deeper into the craft of mastering to think harder about what contributes to the experience of loudness.
Loudness Metering and Visualizations in Mastering
Learn more about the importance of metering and visualizations in mastering.
Headroom: How to Set Your Levels in Mixing and Mastering
Learn what headroom is, why it's important in both mixing and mastering, and how it ties into the related concept of crest factor.
Mastering for Streaming Platforms: Normalization, LUFS, and Loudness Myths Demystified
Learn how to bust myths on mastering for Spotify and streaming platforms⁠—from the real reason why your song sounds so quiet, to peak level and album balance.

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