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Stereo Imaging Tips & Tutorials

Stereo imaging is the process of creating width, depth, and the perception of locality in your mix. Browse through our resources below to learn more about stereo imaging and how you can immerse your listener into a three dimensional space with panning, mid/side processing, and other audio effects.

Our Best Articles on Stereo Imaging

What Is Mix Depth? How to Create Front-Back Space
What Is Mix Depth? How to Create Front-Back Space
In this article, we’ll look at how to add depth to a mix with practical tips related to EQ, timbre, reverb, and more.
Stereo Imaging in Mastering | Are You Listening?
Knowing when to adjust the width of your stereo image in mastering is crucial, and can be a challenge for both amateur and expert engineers. Learn how to manage stereo, mono, and mid/side signals in your next session.
6 Tips for Using the Updated Imager in Ozone
Learn how to use Ozone Imager to achieve that wide, record-ready sound in your song.
What is Mid/Side Processing?
Learn what mid/side processing is and how to use it when mixing and mastering.
6 Tips for Widening the Stereo Image of a Mix
Here are six stereo imaging tips to get a pro-sounding mix, with consideration for genre, song structure, and mono compatibility.

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Most Recent Articles on Stereo Imaging

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