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Post Production Tips & Tutorials

Audio post production is the process of preparing audio for film, TV, and other new media. Check out our resources below to learn about audio post production.

Our Best Articles on Post Production

Learn How to Repair Audio in Post Production Masterclass
Learn How to Repair Audio in Post Production Masterclass
In this masterclass, David Barber walks through how he used iZotope’s RX Post Production Suite 6 to reduce background noise captured during the filming of 'Paper Spiders.'
6 Ways to Use Reverb in Post Production Sound Design
Learn six ways to use reverb creatively in post production sound design.
How to Use Insight 2 for Audio Post Production
Learn how to use Insight 2 in a post production mixing workflow to create a mix that translates and meets streaming loudness standards.
10 Tips for Mixing Short Films
We're providing powerful prospectives and practical techniques for mixing short films.
The Basics of Room Tone in Audio Editing
Learn what room tone is, why it’s important to audio editing, and how to generate room tone when you don’t have it.

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