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Learn how to mangle and distort audio with Trash 2—the most powerful and creative distortion plug-in out there. Browse through our resources below to learn more about designing custom distortions with Trash 2.

Our Best Articles on Trash 2

Learn Trash 2 in 10 Minutes
Learn Trash 2 in 10 Minutes
Learn the A–Zs of Trash 2, the most comprehensive distortion plug-in in music production and audio engineering. Follow along with audio examples.
4 Ways to Make Your Synths Sound Dreamy and Retro With Trash 2
Learn how to use Trash 2 to create nostalgic, warped, and dreamy synth sounds, and listen to accompanying sound examples.
Creating Textures with Trash 2 for Industrial Music
Learn how to create industrial music textures with iZotope’s Trash 2 distortion plug-in.
What Is Distortion in Music? When and How to Use It
What does distortion mean in a musical context? How should you use distortion as a creative effect in your DAW? Find out in this article, and follow along with audio examples.
How The Naked And Famous Use Trash 2 and Iris 2
Two of The Naked And Famous band members share their favorite iZotope plug-ins, Trash 2 and Iris 2, and how they use them to produce songs like “Young Blood.”

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