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Insight 2 is an intelligent audio metering and analysis plug-in designed to help you make better mixing and mastering decisions. Check out our resources below to learn how to use Insight's audio visualizations for a better understanding of how your mix is performing.

Our Best Articles on Insight 2

What Is Metering in Mixing and Mastering?
What Is Metering in Mixing and Mastering?
We examine metering tools as they relate to levels, frequency content, stereo spread, and dynamic range.
How to Use Insight 2 for Audio Post Production
Learn how to use Insight 2 in a post-production mixing workflow to create a mix that translates and meets streaming loudness standards.
4 Ways to Use iZotope Insight 2 for a Better Mix
Explore the benefits Insight 2’s metering offers with four ways to improve your mix.
Mastering Pros: How Loud Should My Master Be?
Make your masters loud through a healthy combination of critical listening and an understanding of the key factors that directly influence loudness in mastering.
Why Upgrade to Insight 2?
Learn about the new Intelligibility Meter for mixing dialogue, the updated look and feel for a faster workflow, and more.

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