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Audio effect processors are tools used to sculpt, transform, and enhance an audio signal. Check out our resources below to learn about common audio effects used in music production, mixing, and mastering and how you can use them to achieve a desired sound. 

Our Best Audio Effects Articles

Understanding Chorus, Flangers, and Phasers in Audio Production
Understanding Chorus, Flangers, and Phasers in Audio Production
In this article, you’ll learn all about chorus, flanger, and phaser effects. Identify the differences between them, how they work, and how to use them in audio mixing.
Signal Chain: Order of Operations
Learn the difference between signal flow and signal chain, as well as how to set up a plug-in signal chain in a DAW.
10 Common Delay Mistakes Mixing Engineers Make
Discover these ten common delay mistakes mixing engineers make and learn how to avoid them in your sessions.
9 Tips for Using Sculptor in Your Mix
Learn 9 ways to use Sculptor in Neutron to enhance your mix. Intelligently shape tone, add depth, and more with instrument-specific target processing.
5 Signs of Over-Processing in a Mix
In a world of boundless plug-ins, it's easy to overdo it. We look at five signs of over-processing.

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