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Nectar is a complete vocal mixing channel-strip plug-in. Check out our resources below to learn how to mix vocals with Nectar.

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How to Use Everything in iZotope Nectar for Vocal Production

Learn how to use all of the vocal mixing tools in iZotope Nectar 3 Plus to tackle vocal production and mixing. By the end of this video, you will be able to use Nectar to produce and mix sung, spoken, or rapped vocals with confidence. Navigate to the module you're interested in through the YouTube chapter markers in the video! 

Our Best Articles on Nectar

Mixing Vocals: 10 Hidden Features in Nectar
Mixing Vocals: 10 Hidden Features in Nectar
Whether you’re new to mixing sung, rapped, or spoken vocals in Nectar or you’ve been using it for years, learn about these ten “hidden” mixing features that will make the vocal mixing process easier and help you get the perfect vocal sound.
How to Unmask Vocals with Nectar
Give your vocals some breathing room against a beat with Nectar's Vocal Assistant: Unmask feature. Learn how to mix vocals to backing tracks in no time.
5 Common Vocal Mixing Issues Nectar Solves
Vocal mixing is one of the main tasks new engineers struggle with. Resolve five common problems with Nectar.
How to Mix Vocals with Nectar Vocal Assistant
Learn how to place vocals in the mix with Nectar Vocal Assistant. Vocal Assistant intelligently sets EQ nodes, removes pesky sibilants, creates space, and more.
Crafting a Basic Vocal Chain
Learn what a vocal chain is and how to craft a simple yet effective vocal effects chain using compressors, EQs, de-essers, reverb, and delay.

Nectar Videos

Watch the latest Nectar tutorials about vocal mixing. 

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