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Coming Soon: Your Assistants Are Getting Smarter

May 27, 2021

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You may soon notice some exciting changes to your Pro products! We’re making enhancements both under and over the hood to improve the way our Assistants perform on your audio, and the ease in which you may interact with them. We’ll be talking in more detail about the features as we release them, but for now we wanted to share some of our philosophies behind the coming updates.

What's Coming?

More Creative Control

A real assistant in a recording studio looks to you, the producer, for creative guidance into how they set up the session. Likewise, we want our users to have more input into their AI Assistants and ultimately feel more in control of the final results.

Better results, faster

Like the best real-life studio assistants, we want yours to accomplish the task as quickly as possible. We’ll be making updates to make the Assistants faster, with more real-time interaction that cuts down on trial and error. 

More personalization

When you think of an intelligent assistant, you imagine someone who listens to your needs and responds with a unique solution. In turn, our assistants will be receiving updates to make them more attentive to the particular needs of your music, in order to know what mixing decisions are most appropriate.

How can I get these updates?

If you subscribe to Music Production Suite Pro, these updates will be included in your membership. We’ll notify you by email when new releases are available to download from your Product Portal or Control Room. 

If you’re not already a subscriber, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free trial and get instant access to the latest versions of all your favorite iZotope products, along with exclusive educational resources that help your career in audio.

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