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Tricky Audio Problem? Solve it with iZotope Plug-ins

by Pippin Bongiovanni, iZotope Content Team December 23, 2019

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This article references a previous version of RX and Neutron. Learn about RX 9 and its new features including improved Ambience Match, Dialogue Isolate, De-hum, and more by clicking here, and learn about Neutron 4 and its powerful features including Unmask, Target Library, and more here. 

iZotope products are your go-to tools, your favorite studio assistant, and your trusted studio advisor all-in-one. Vocals not sitting in the mix? Try Nectar 3 Plus's Vocal Assistant. Frustratingly noisy track? There’s an RX module for your specific needs. Maybe you want to match one track’s reverb to another? Dialogue Match is here for you. Muddy low end? Try the only low-end tool on the market designed to address common low-end issues, Ozone’s Low End Focus. 

Whether it’s RX’s ability to de-noise audio, Ozone’s EQ matching, or any of our assistive audio features, you can trust your iZotope product to help you remove barriers between the idea in your head and its creative execution. 

Learn how iZotope plug-ins make quick work of your most challenging and time-consuming problems, and download the demos to try them yourself. Read on or click below to jump to a topic.

Painless vocal isolation 

Isolating a vocal just wasn’t possible up until recently. Didn’t have the individual vocal stems? Well, you’re out of luck if you want to adjust the vocal track—unless you have Music Rebalance in RX 8—now with automatic stem separation. We’ve made the impossible task of vocal isolation not only possible, but effortless with Music Rebalance. Download a 30-day demo of RX below for free.

Music Rebalance in RX 8
Music Rebalance in RX 8

Match sonic character between dialogue audio files

ADR—automated dialogue replacement—is a pain. It's time-consuming to edit properly, it almost never sounds like production audio, and it takes your audience out of the story if you can't get it to match quite right. At least, that used to be the case—before Dialogue Match.

With the help of our revolutionary new Reverb Matching technology in Dialogue Match, it only takes three clicks to learn, duplicate, and apply the EQ, reverb, and ambience data of one audio file to another. No more crafting reverb profiles from scratch or performing EQ surgery to get your ADR to sound like it was captured on set—Dialogue Match applies the sonic character of your production audio to your studio dialogue in seconds.

Learn about Dialogue Match below, and download the demo to try it yourself.

Note: Dialogue Match is only available as an AudioSuite plug-in for Pro Tools 11.3.1P and later.

Dialogue Match
Dialogue Match

Studio "Assistants" you don’t have to pay in Nectar, Neutron, Ozone, and RX

Wouldn’t it be great to have a studio assistant to take some of the grunt work out of mixing, mastering, and production? Spending hours setting levels, fiddling with EQs, and trying to place vocals properly in a mix are tasks best-suited for an assistant, wouldn’t you say?

That’s where iZotope’s assistive audio technology comes into play. Created with the express purpose of saving you time and taking the guesswork out of traditionally complex tasks, Nectar 3 Plus’s Vocal Assistant, Neutron’s Mix Assistant, Ozone 9’s Master Assistant, and RX’s Repair Assistant will change the way you work. 

Discover more about iZotope’s assistive audio technology below.

Neutron 3, Nectar 3, and Ozone 9—plus Tonal Balance Control 2—are all available in the Tonal Balance Bundle.
Neutron 3, Nectar 3, and Ozone 9—plus Tonal Balance Control 2—are all available in the Tonal Balance Bundle.

Streamlined mixing, without the fluff

When you’re on a deadline mixing into the wee hours of the morning, wouldn’t it be great to have plug-ins that uncomplicate your creative process? Whether it’s a full-on vocal chain workflow to tackle even the messiest of vocal mixes or assistive audio technology in Nectar 3 Plus or the intelligent mix-balancing tools of Neutron, there’s an iZotope plug-in to save you time and headaches anytime you’re mixing vocals.

Vocal Assistant in Nectar 3 Plus
Vocal Assistant in Nectar 3 Plus
Mix Assistant in Neutron 3
Mix Assistant in Neutron 3

Simplified mastering, without pulling teeth 

Fun fact: you can master your own music. Yes, you! No professional mastering engineer required. With our free mastering course, Are You Listening?, mind-blowing EQ matching with Match EQ in Ozone 9, and the free Ozone Imager to further your control of your session’s stereo image, you can easily master your own tracks with confidence and speed. Learn more in these articles:

Maximizer in Ozone 9 Advanced

Audio repair made easy with RX

RX is the industry standard for a reason. First to market with automated diagnosis and repair for damaged audio? Check. Incredible post production tools for any situation imaginable? RX has you covered. Whether you’re trying to repair dialogue, de-noise a historic recording, remove plosives from a field interview, or isolate vocals in an audio mix, RX will help you achieve the result you’re looking for.

Learn more about using iZotope plug-ins

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