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What Makes Spire Studio Different from Other Portable Recording Devices?

June 28, 2019

Record high-quality vocals anywhere:

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This article references previous versions of Ozone. Learn about the latest Ozone and its powerful new features like Master RebalanceLow End Focus, and improved Tonal Balance Control by clicking here.

Spire Studio doesn’t just capture audio easily and in high quality, it also lets you build on and expand an idea into a full song, processed with exclusive technology powered by iZotope’s award-winning digital signal processing (DSP) to make your recordings sound amazing. While Spire Studio has features you find on some other portable recording devices, like a built-in condenser mic or combo XLR/1/4” instrument inputs, it’s the pairing of our DSP and an intuitive workflow that makes Spire Studio truly special.

To unlock all the of Spire’s intelligent and creative features, pair the free Spire app on your iOS or Android device with the Spire Studio hardware. This combination opens the door for you to use the DSP that makes Spire the best songwriting tool and portable recording device. Pairing happens wirelessly via Spire Studio’s own WiFi network so you don’t have to worry about messy cables or what input type your phone or tablet has.


First, there’s Soundcheck. With the touch of a button, this one-of-a-kind feature listens to your input signal, whether it’s through Spire Studio’s omnidirectional condenser or microphones and instruments plugged directly into the back of Spire Studio.

After only 10 seconds, Soundcheck intelligently sets the input gain to keep your signal at a healthy level. Distortion or clipping can occur if gain is too high, as the input signal can become too loud to accurately capture. Low input gain, on the other hand, can cause ambient noise to be picked up and limit the signal's ability to cut through a mix.

Soundcheck also uses dynamic EQ to calibrate your sound for a smooth and even response.


Next, easily record and layer tracks by pressing the record button. When you finish recording a track, the next track will automatically arm and you’re ready to layer. With up to 8 tracks per project, recording a full song has never been so intuitive. See how simple it is to layer and shape your own 8-track song with Spire Studio in this article.

Visual Mixer in the Spire app

Mix with Visual Mixer

When you’ve recorded each track, it’s time to swipe over to the mix view. We’ve built in a Visual Mixer so that you can simply pull track icons up and down to change the volume and left and right to pan the track around the soundscape. If you listen with headphones, you can very easily hear how moving each track affects the song until you get the mix sounding the way you want it. We’ve even built in a stereo/mono option that uses tech from iZotope Ozone Imager (a completely free plug-in!) to widen a track and effectively "stereo-ize" it. You could turn this feature on for wide, immersive guitars or turn it off for direct, present vocals.

Enhance with DSP

Now that you’ve recorded and mixed your tune, it’s time to share it. Tap the share icon to view the Enhance screen. Enhance is one of our most exciting intelligent DSP features in Spire because it allows you to simply and quickly master your track on the go. 

Enhance improves clarity and fixes frequency imbalances with tech from Ozone and Neutron’s Dynamic EQs and boosts loudness with Ozone’s Maximizer. You can adjust the amount of processing you want or even turn Enhance completely off. We wanted to make sure that your songs sound the best they can without the need for a professional audio engineer, a computer, and a DAW.

Send, share, or collaborate

Now that your song is ready to share, you have the option to send it as a high-quality .wav file, text or email a compressed version to a friend, or post it directly to your SoundCloud or social media accounts. 

But what if you’re not done with the song and you want to continue working on it in a computer DAW or send it to your producer? Press the individual tracks button and export the individual track stems as .wav files and easily open them up in the DAW of your choice. 

If you have a bandmate, sharing a project file so you can collaborate has never been easier. Sharing projects from the Spire app stores your song in the cloud and creates a unique URL link to access it. Send that link to anyone and they’ll be able to open it directly in their own Spire app and see it just as you’re seeing it, able to record their parts and send it back. 

Songwriting from start to finish

These intelligent and assistive features are truly what set Spire Studio apart from other portable recording devices. Spire Studio’s omnidirectional condenser mic, combo input jacks, pro-quality Grace Design preamps, and rechargeable battery are just the starting point for your recording journey. We’re continuously developing Spire’s features to enable you to be creative and build songs in the best way possible, so stay tuned!

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