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The Future of Audio Production on Android

by Matt Hines, Senior Product Manager April 10, 2019

Record high-quality vocals anywhere:

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Spire Studio’s wireless recording hardware aims to inspire and enable you to be creative by simplifying the recording and production process without sacrificing quality.

iZotope integrated our award-winning, intelligent analysis, and processing into Spire Studio so you can focus on your song idea, the musical motif, and live performance capture, without worrying about technical frustrations other recording equipment has in abundance.

With any new advancement, there comes an opportunity for mythbusting! For iZotope, introducing Android support for Spire Studio was an exercise in exactly that.

MYTH #1: “Creative musician-types don’t use Android”

This myth always struck us as odd. Music is universal. To be creative is to focus on the art, transcending any barriers.

An internal hackathon resulted in the first workable Android app. On the back of that, our research indicates, just as with iOS, there are wonderfully creative Android users all over the world. We heard it from you too: Android support was Spire Studio’s #1 feature request.

In response, we enhanced our development efforts at the beginning of 2018 to be equal parts iOS and Android, and later that year, we successfully shipped the world’s first truly low-latency, high-quality audio recording product for Android.

Since shipping in October, almost 40% of new users of Spire Studio are Android—a huge positive. Seeing people record music in ways they never thought they could is the ultimate reward. With their help, we made the experience even better. Indeed, we updated the Android app 8 times in 5 months, each time responding to the highest priority user requests.

This included new editing and sharing options, an intelligent mastering service called Enhance, and most recently, in Android 1.8.1:

  • The ability to open and share projects when not connected to the hardware.
  • The ability to precisely edit audio anywhere in the timeline
  • A brand new guitar amp effect called Echo Fuzz (it’s insanely fun, try it out!)

There are many more updates and features coming soon, in response to things you’ve asked for and things you didn’t even know to ask for (imagine what our intelligent machine learning could do for your audio!)… so stay tuned! We’d love to hear more from you.

MYTH #2: "Android OS is not good for high-quality, low-latency audio performance ”

Thanks to the hard work of our partners on Google’s dedicated Android team, as of the most recent smartphones and OS updates, this is no longer the case.

Spire Studio for Android is able to layer a multitrack song with imperceptible, near-zero latency, so you can be creative no matter what. When wirelessly connected, the audio processes on the Spire Studio, and syncs in near-real time with the phone for storage and backup purposes. This means we can’t yet record into a Spire project when not connected to the hardware, however...

...a solid commitment to our Android users is as important to us as it is Google, and we’re fortunate to have fantastic partners in Don Turner and the rest of Google’s Android Audio team.

With their help, we were able to use the new Oboe C++ library in our latest app update, Android 1.8.1. As mentioned above, this update is the first for Spire to include audio processing on the phone, when not connected to the hardware. Not only can Android users now open and share song ideas on-the-go, but it will allow us to expand upon that experience, beyond just sharing things already recorded.


We build products for creative people to do great things no matter their platform.

Spire Studio captures your song ideas. It is high quality, wireless (seriously, who wants a dongle hanging off their phone?!), and easy to use. And your regular feedback helps us improve the product, something we have done and will continue to do extensively since launching on iOS and Android.

We worry about our products being platform agnostic so you don't have to. 

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