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Spire Studio's Soundcheck Now Detects and Shapes Your Instrument’s Tone

by James Zabik, Product Marketing Specialist, iZotope November 4, 2019

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Soundcheck continues to be one of Spire Studio's most popular features, able to quickly and easily get you ready to record. It automatically sets gain levels, making sure your recordings aren't too quiet or too loud and distorting.

We are excited to announce that Soundcheck now intelligently detects the instrument you’re playing and uses this information to set input levels and sculpt your tone. At iZotope, we are obsessed with great sound and constantly improving our products to inspire and enable creativity. That’s why we created Spire: to help you effortlessly capture high-quality audio based on your instrument so you can focus on being creative.

And with new additions to Soundcheck, we’re further improving our product to help you stay in the creative flow. Using technology from Neutron 3, Spire's Soundcheck can identify whether you're recording vocals, guitar, bass, piano, or drums and automatically applies a custom EQ curve to make your instrument sound its best.

Instrument detection and tone shaping is a market first for a portable recording device. Coupled with iZotope’s unparalleled audio processing in Spire, the updated Soundcheck feature makes Spire Studio the best recording solution for songwriters to capture ideas and intuitively build them into songs with the highest audio quality.

How to use Soundcheck:

1. If you own Spire Studio, update your Spire app on iOS and Android to the latest version.

2. Pair the Spire app with Spire Studio hardware*.


3. Open a project, press 'Soundcheck' on Spire Studio, and start playing.


4. Spire Studio identifies your instrument**, intelligently shapes your EQ, and sets the input level in seconds.

Get your instruments to sound their best before you’ve even recorded a note with Soundcheck’s new update. Now you’re ready to record with automatically-set gain levels and a custom EQ curve tailored to your track.

* Soundcheck requires the Spire Music Recorder app for iOS and Android to be paired with Spire Studio hardware.

**Soundcheck currently identifies vocals, guitar, bass, piano, and drums. Other instruments will receive Spire Studio’s standard EQ curve.

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