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Sharing Projects from Spire through the Cloud

by James Zabik, Product Marketing Specialist, iZotope December 12, 2019

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Sharing songs is now easier than ever with Spire’s cloud sharing capabilities. You can simply send a link to anyone around the world, allowing them to download your finished song, the individual tracks, or the Spire project file from the cloud. Sending your projects to friends, collaborators, and producers has never been so easy.

Collaborate with Spire using cloud sharing, no matter where you are
Collaborate with Spire using cloud sharing, no matter where you are.

Sharing, evolved

Our goal with Spire is to make recording and sharing songs intuitive and simple. We work continuously to improve the Spire ecosystem, so when we received requests for a streamlined way to share songs with friends, bandmates, and producers in a variety of filetypes, we listened.

Spire’s cloud sharing generates a project preview, high and standard-quality mixdowns, and individual stems, so you don’t have to worry about file types or sharing methods. From the project list in the Spire app, simply swipe left on any project to share. Tap Share and a unique URL is created that you can text or email to anyone from your smartphone or tablet. 

Swipe to share.

If you just finished a project, tap the share icon in the top right of the Mix screen, and you’ll find yourself on the Share screen. Just tap the Spire Project icon at the bottom then Share via link.

Tap the share icon, then "Spire project," then "Share via link."

What happens on the other end of the link is the true star of the show⁠—Spire’s cloud sharing. Once the recipient clicks the URL, they are brought to a webpage hosting your project in a variety of formats. Pressing the Play button allows you to quickly preview the song. Tapping Open Project in Spire on a smartphone or tablet will automatically open the Spire project in the Spire app.

Your partners can start collaborating immediately.

Click the Download Audio button to get different file formats for mixdowns as well as individual tracks. For finished mixdowns, you’ll have standard-quality MP3 files and high-quality WAV files. If you’re working with a producer or trying to get your recordings into a DAW, the All Individual Tracks button will download a zip file with your separate tracks as high-quality WAV files. 

If your tracks are labeled by instrument icons in the Spire app, each WAV file will conveniently be labeled accordingly. You or your producer won’t need to waste any time trying to decipher what each file is. Once you unzip the folder, you can simply drag the tracks you want into a DAW and start producing. All of your sharing options now live under one roof (or cloud)!

Opening the project on desktop

Collaboration, enhanced 

So how might you use cloud sharing to boost collaboration? Spire Studio was built with collaboration in mind. I play guitar and attempt to sing, but when I need a groovy bass line or some killer lead vocals, I can share my project via the cloud to my friend, who also has a Spire Studio, to lay down those tracks. The project opens right where I left off, ready for that bass track and some vocals. Once it’s shared back to me, it has everything I need to keep producing my track like it never left my palm.

Another popular way songwriters use Spire Studio is to topline vocals and send them to a producer. You can easily import a beat from a producer by tapping the Import icon at the top of the project list screen in the Spire app. This loads the file as Track 1 of the project, then arms Track 2 for you to start laying down vocals. 

Whether you use Spire Studio’s onboard omnidirectional condenser mic or plug in an external mic, there are seven open tracks to record vocal takes. Share the project via the cloud and text or email it back to the producer. They can download the individual tracks and drag those from their downloads folder to their DAW in seconds. From there, the vocal takes can be packaged up for comping and are ready for some of iZotope’s vocal plug-ins like Nectar or VocalSynth.

Spire sharing capabilities

With these workflows, songwriters can use Spire Studio and cloud sharing to make collaboration and song creation easier and more fluid. It’s just as easy to lay down that guitar solo your producer asked for directly into Spire Studio and send it off.


Spire has always been built with collaboration in my mind, and cloud sharing makes it even faster and more intuitive. Whether you finish songs completely with Spire or you use it to augment how you work with a DAW, Spire helps keep you in a creative space by removing technical barriers and time-consuming workflows. 

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Don't have the Spire app? Download it for free on iOS and Android. Spire Studio hardware is required for projects to open on Android devices. 

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