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Learn more about mixing, mastering, audio repair, vocal processing and other useful topics with a variety of articles, videos, and guides from our trusted experts.

  • Inside the presets of Ozone 7 Elements

    Get an inside look at the powerful signal processing and 70+ presets built into Ozone 7 Elements mastering plug-in.

  • 6 tips for mixing in surround

    Creating surround mixes for film and television offers a breadth of sonic possibilities. For the seasoned pro or a recent stereo convert, these tips can help you make the most of every channel.

  • RX Tips and Tricks: Add, adjust & remove Clip Gain to level audio

    In Episode 2 of the iZotope RX Tips and Tricks series, learn how to quickly level audio by adding, adjusting, and removing Clip Gain nodes in RX Audio Editor.

  • Neutron's Processors: iZotope's Best DSP Yet

    Neutron features some of iZotope's best digital signal processing to date. Learn more about new processors like the Equalizer, Compressor, Transient Shaper, Exciter, and True Peak Limiter in this tutorial.

  • Audio Post Mixing with Neutron Advanced

    Neutron offers powerful possibilities in the post production world thanks to revolutionary new features like the Track Assistant and Masking Meter, as well as a True Peak Limiter. Learn how to integrate Neutron into your post production workflow.

  • Getting Started with iZotope’s Neutron Mixing Plug-in

    Learn how to mix audio with higher levels of focus and clarity using iZotope's Neutron mixing plug-in. Get started quickly with this tutorial.

  • Sidechaining and De-essing with Neutron

    Neutron includes powerful new sidechaining and de-essing tools. Learn how to unleash some of these new tools inside your DAW with powerful results.

  • What Is Spectral Shaping?

    At the heart of Neutrino, iZotope’s free mixing plug-in, is a new type of dynamics processing called spectral shaping. But how does it actually work?

  • Getting Started With Neutrino

    iZotope’s free Spectral Shaping plug-in, Neutrino, is designed to be subtle and easy-to-use.  Learn how to get started quickly with this tutorial.

  • RX Tips and Tricks: Removing Tonal Noise with Deconstruct

    In Episode 1 of the iZotope RX Tips and Tricks series, learn how to quickly remove tonal noise using the deconstruct module in RX 5 Advanced.

  • Beat the heat: Tips for keeping the studio cool this summer

    Keep your studio chill and your energy costs low with these little known tips and suggestions.

  • Stories of great gear found in unexpected places: Summer flea market and yard sales finds

    Summer’s here and an amazing yard sale music find is waiting for you. Check out these examples of found musical treasures.

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