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Best of iZotope Plug-in Bundles

Level up your next mix or master using the best of iZotope’s popular mixing and mastering bundles across a variety of sessions.

Note: Some bundles referenced in this article are no longer available. Click here for a complete list of iZotope's current bundle and suite offerings.

In this video we’ll show you how to level up your next mix or master using the best of iZotope’s popular mixing and mastering bundles across a variety of sessions.

Mix and Master Bundle (Standard)

Ozone 9, Neutron 3, and Relay join forces in the Mix and Master Bundle

Ozone 9, Neutron 3, and Relay join forces in the Mix and Master Bundle

Whether you’re mixing or mastering, knowing what your first move should be is challenging. How do you set up your effects chain? What processing comes first and how much should you apply? Maybe you want to use a combination of effects, but you aren’t sure how to order the modules in your signal chain. That’s where iZotope’s assistive audio technology comes in. 

As long as you have a general idea of the sonic vibe you’re after, iZotope’s  product-popover-icons-neutron.png Neutron  or  product-popover-icons-ozone.png Ozone  can help you move in the right direction with just a few clicks. 

Learn more about the powerful tools included in the Mix and Master bundle.

Explore the Mix and Master Bundle Standard

Mix & Master Bundle Advanced


Plug-ins in the Mix & Master Bundle Advanced

The Mix & Master Bundle Advanced unlocks Inter-plugin Communication, a framework that lets bundled plug-ins work together as a team to help you accomplish and streamline mix tasks pro engineers tackle every day. The full power of modules like Mix Assistant’s Balance feature is unlocked through this time-saving framework. Mix Assistant gives you a starting point for your mix by automatically suggesting gain levels for all the tracks in your session based on a “mix focus” of your choice. 

While analyzing your session, mix elements are bundled into logical groups (Vocals, Bass, Drums, and Musical) to suggest an initial level balance, which then allows you to quickly make broad-stroke adjustments to the initial suggestions. In just a few clicks, you can achieve a balanced mix for even the most complex sessions. Further adjustments can be made on a per-track basis within the  product-popover-icons-visual-mixer.png Visual Mixer , using instances of Relay or using the faders in your DAW.

Vocal Assistant

Other tools in Mix & Master Bundle Advanced, like  product-popover-icons-nectar.png Nectar 3 , can help take your mixes to the next level. iZotope’s Nectar 3 is a comprehensive toolset for any vocal mixing project. No matter the genre, the Unmask module in Vocal Assistant will help place your vocal at the forefront of the mix, automatically moving other competing mix elements out of the way.

Tonal Balance Control 2

Use  product-popover-icons-tonal-balance-control.png Tonal Balance Control 2  to make per-track adjustments to EQ and gain with any Neutron, Ozone,  product-popover-icons-relay.png Relay , or Nectar plug-in. By placing it on your masterbus, it shows you how your track stacks up against a reference target. These targets were built by analyzing thousands of incredible master tracks in popular genres. Or, if you like, you can upload your own reference track, or a whole folder of them.

If you notice an imbalance of energy in one of two helpful viewing modes, like, say, too much or too little low end, you can perform a mixing move by remote-controlling the EQ in Neutron or a mastering move by remote-controlling Ozone.

Master Rebalance

When you’re ready for masterbus processing, tools like Tonal Balance Control 2, Low End Focus, and Master Rebalance unlock incredible workflows. Low End Focus and Master Rebalance give you the power to reach into a dense stereo mix and carefully accentuate or attenuate track elements. For example, let’s say we wanted to give the low end more warmth and presence using Smooth mode in Low End Focus, increasing the gain gives you the ability to tease out the best parts of kick and bass

Let’s say your vocal isn’t loud enough in the final master, using powerful real-time source separation technology, you can reach into the stereo mix and boost or attenuate vocals. You can also do the same for bass and drums. 

Learn more about the powerful tools included in the Tonal Balance Bundle:

Explore Mix & Master Bundle Advanced

Music Production Suite 5.2


Plug-ins in Music Production Suite

Next up is  product-popover-icons-music-production-suite.png Music Production Suite 5.2 . This bundle contains even more sonic tools to assist you in every step of the production workflow.

Neutron 4

Mix faster and easier with the new  product-popover-icons-neutron.png Neutron 4 . Eight powerful plugins combine forces through AI-powered assistive audio technology to create the most modern and intelligent mixing experience. Mix in the moment with the new Assistant View, make space with the Unmask Module and magically match references in your Target Library with AI assistive technology. A slice of the fan-favorite plug-in, Trash is now in Neutron 4 allowing you to distort and destroy audio, discovering new extremes. With Neutron 4 you can sculpt sounds seamlessly while staying in your flow. 

Neutron 4 has M1 Apple silicon native compatibility and comes with Visual Mixer and Relay to help your plug-ins talk to each other plus Tonal Balance Control 2 to view your levels as you mix.

RX Repair Assistant

Before you start mixing, you can use  product-popover-icons-rx.png RX  to clean up vocals or instruments that have unwanted noises incurred at the recording stage, like a clipped or distorted guitar. With Repair Assistant in RX, you can automatically identify and remove the clipping.

RX is also crucial for repairing vocal problems which, if left untreated, will become more audible once you bring up its level with compression and limiting in the mix. That’s why you’ll find it easy to use a module like De-ess for sibilance, De-plosive for vocal pops, Mouth De-click to remove lip smacks and other mouth noises, or even De-bleed to remove metronome bleed that leaked from the singers headphones into the vocal mic. You can also run many of those modules in real time as plug-ins in your session.

RX Music Rebalance

RX also has creative applications like Music Rebalance, which allows you to boost or attenuate vocals, drums, bass and more in a mono, stereo, or surround mix—or automatically separate new stems from the recording. Let’s say you wanted to prepare a track for a remix, and remove everything except the vocal so you can bring that vocal into a new session for remixing. 

With Music Rebalance, you can easily isolate a vocal. Simply open the module, turn down the Other, Percussion, and Bass sliders, leaving the Voice slider at its default of zero. Choose your separation algorithm (Joint Channel or Advanced Joint Channel), and adjust the sensitivity meter to more strictly define your vocals from the rest of the audio. When you’re ready, press Render. Now you can export the isolated vocal file and prepare it for a remix within an entirely new genre or sonic environment. 

Alternatively, use the Separate button to generate independent audio files for each audio element, and scrap everything you don't need!


Once you’ve repaired a vocal track, you can experiment with  product-popover-icons-vocalsynth.png VocalSynth 2 . Vocalsynth allows you to color and shape vocals with five blendable modules like Vocoder, Polyvox, and Biovox—a module modeled after the human vocal not to mention a host of stompbox-style studio effects which you can rearrange. With these modules, you can quickly get the old school sounds you need, or create a new school of vocal sounds all your own. It’s easy to get lost in layers, textures, effects, blending, and morphing a vocal into an experimental vocal playground.

VocalSynth 2 is built to be flexible, giving you three ways to interact and create. In Auto mode, get up and running on any track and apply effects and presets instantly. In MIDI mode, play and automate your production’s effects, harmonies, and other parameters with MIDI input or from any MIDI controller. In Sidechain mode, use any audio signal to drive VocalSynth 2 effects to expand creative horizons.


The latest addition to the iZotope family,  product-popover-icons-neoverb.png Neoverb  combines the legendary algorithmic reverb engines of Exponential Audio reverbs with our machine-learning-trained assistive technology. Use Reverb Assistant to let Neoverb listen to your audio and craft custom EQ curves to prevent the reverb from masking your source audio. From there, use the intuitive Blend UI to combine three types of algorithmic reverb—room, hall, and plate—for realistic or dramatic reflections. Finally, open the advanced controls menu to set the characteristics of your space to fit your mix perfectly.


R4 and NIMBUS reverbs

For even more vocal coloration, you can call upon  product-popover-icons-exponential-audio.png R4 or NIMBUS , two incredible reverb tools that offer deep tweakability and customization over every aspect of the reverberant signal. Each plug-in has thousands of presets and unique controls. Take Tail Suppression and Recovery for instance: this feature elegantly suppresses the reverb tail when a signal is present, meaning the vocalist will be able to cut through the clouds of the reverb tail when they’re singing and sound more intelligible. When they stop singing, the trail comes back up and recovers.


Insight 2

product-popover-icons-insight.png Insight 2  offers detailed, comprehensive metering for your audio available at a glance, from one fully resizable, modular display. The Intelligibility Meter, powered by iZotope DSP, allows you to proactively recognize and resolve dialogue intelligibility issues, giving you a clearer picture of how your audience will experience the dialogue in different environments. Now you can choose a target listening environment of low, medium, or high noise, to check how the intelligibility of your dialogue holds up for listeners in these situations.

The unique, real-time 3D spectrogram in Insight 2 creates a detailed topographical map of audio using iZotope's high-resolution spectrogram capabilities and Inter-plugin Communication framework. Unfamiliar with a spectrogram? Using iZotope Relay (included with Insight 2), you can visualize any individual track’s spectral content against the spectrum of your entire mix. Now you can visualize the frequency makeup of track elements like vocals, bass, and more to see which might be too present or not present enough in the overall composition of your track.

Learn more about the powerful tools included in Music Production Suite 4:

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Level up your next project with iZotope’s best mixing and mastering bundles. Explore all these toolsets have to offer and make sure to log in to access special loyalty pricing if you're already an iZotope customer.