How to Mix Vocals and a Beat with Unmask in Nectar 3

November 1, 2018

Let your vocals cut through the mix:

Nectar 3

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What's Unmask?

Nectar 3 adds the ability to address masking of any vocal with Vocal Assistant: Unmask. Unmask directly communicates with the rest of your mix to place your vocal at the forefront by moving other mix elements out of the way. Through inter-plugin communication, Unmask will communicate with any instance of Nectar 3, Neutron 2 Advanced, or iZotope Relay to create the perfect nest for your vocal.

Watch the video below for helpful examples on how to use Unmask on your next project.

How to use Unmask

To use Unmask, make sure you’ve got an instance of Nectar 3 on your vocal track. Next, place an instance of Nectar 3, Neutron 2 Advanced, or Relay on a track or group of tracks that you think might be interfering with the intelligibility of the vocal.

Mix vocals and a beat

You can easily use Unmask to create room for a vocal against a stereo beat. This is a common scenario in which a performer acquires a backing track, but faces difficulty carving out a place for their vocals against the busy instrumental. With Unmask, intelligent DSP will create a pocket for the vocals in order for them to be heard. 

Press "next" to get the process started. Unmask will listen to the source of the masking and introduce an EQ to suppress frequencies are that interfering with the vocal.

Even though we chose a stereo beat for this example, you can imagine using Unmask to clear away guitars, synths, pianos, anything really that’s interfering with your vocal.

The complete suite

Don't forget, Nectar 3 is part of Music Production Suite, a suite that give you access to over thirty industry-standard plug-ins that interact across your session and provide time-saving assistive features, innovative new workflows, and cutting-edge visual analysis tools.”

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