On the surface, Relay is a low-CPU-overhead utility that lets you adjust your tracks’ gain, pan, stereo image, and filter parameters on the fly. When used in conjunction with other IPC-enabled iZotope plug-ins, it becomes your gateway to numerous automated processes designed to streamline your audio workflow. Relay enables tracks containing Neutron, Nectar 3, or VocalSynth 2 plug-ins to interact with one another for automatic mixing, unmasking, and more.

  • Mix all of your tracks in a visual space with Visual Mixer: With Relay on your tracks or busses, you can open Visual Mixer and adjust pan, gain, and width directly within the Visual Mixer plug-in, included with Neutron 4.
  • Measure Intelligibility with Insight 2’s Intelligibility Meter: Using this brand new meter in Insight 2, measure the relative intelligibility of your vocal and visualize how clearly it will be heard in different types of listening environments.
  • Remove masking from your vocal with Nectar 3: Relay communicates with Nectar 3’s Unmask mode and provides automatic processing to remove masking frequencies from your vocal track. Learn more about it here.
  • Visualize the spectrum of different tracks against your entire mix with Insight 2’s Spectrogram: Insight 2 will communicate with individual instances of Relay and display them on your spectrogram, with customizable colors.
  • With Relay on all your tracks, you can use Mix Assistant (available in Neutron 4) to automatically set an initial level balance in your session.

System Requirements

Operating Systems:

  • Mac: macOS Big Sur 11.7.x, macOS Monterey (12.6.x), macOS Ventura (13.4.x) 
    Supported on Intel Macs or Apple silicon (M-series) Macs in native and Rosetta.    
  • Windows: Windows 10 — Windows 11

Plugin Formats:

*All plug-in formats are 64-bit only.


Logic Pro, Ableton Live 10.1 – 11, Pro Tools 2022 - 2023, FL Studio 21, Cubase 12, Nuendo 12, Studio One 6, REAPER 6, Reason 12, Audition CC, Premiere Pro CC.

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