September 13, 2018

Solve Common Audio Issues with Repair Assistant in RX 7

Learn how Repair Assistant in RX 7 can help you quickly clean dialogue, remove noise, and solve your most common audio problems.

Representing the latest advancements in iZotope’s assistive audio technology, Repair Assistant is a game changing intelligent repair tool that can detect noise, clipping, clicks and more. Solve common audio issues faster than ever simply by selecting the type of material—music, dialogue, other—and letting RX 7 analyze the audio. Repair Assistant then offers different processing suggestions to help give you the best result, as well as three different intensities—Light, Medium, or Heavy.

After your audio is processed, you can review and audition different suggestions. Find the one you prefer, hit render, and let Repair Assistant do the rest for you.

To get more info into how Repair Assistant solved your audio problem, click “Open as Module Chain” and learn which settings were used. Here are two examples.

Repairing Dialogue in Post Production

We took a dialogue track with some serious hum, mouth clicks, and noise through Repair Assistant, and instructed it to look for problems in the dialogue by selecting the dialogue mode.

Fixing Noisy Guitar Lines

We have a guitar track that’s clipped and has a bit of noise on it. We use Repair Assistant again but this time in music mode to correctly identify the muddy background noise.

Repair Assistant in RX 7 gives you the resourceful recommendations to solve even the peskiest of repeat issues.