October 3, 2019 by Geoff Manchester

Rebalance the Master with Ozone 9

Learn how to adjust your master’s bass, vocals, or drums in real-time using Master Rebalance in Ozone 9, helping to bring into focus the song elements that matter most to you.

Introducing the Master Rebalance module, new to Ozone 9. Correct and change instrument levels at the mastering stage without needing the original tracks. Strategically boost vocals for added presence without impacting the midrange, eliminate a muddy low end by lowering bass guitar, and correct weak-sounding drums with only one module to save you hours of EQ surgery.

A well-balanced mix makes any mastering engineer’s job easier—with Master Rebalance, you can nudge your sound in the right direction. Watch the video below to discover how to use Master Rebalance on your next project.

Listen to the examples below to hear Master Rebalance at work. In the "Before" track, bass and vocals are where they should be, but the drums could use a lift. Hear how Master Rebalance transparently boosts the drum sounds without affecting other sources.

Master Balance Before

Master Balance After