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Mix Assistant

Mix Assistant work in Visual Mixer using Inter-plugin communication to identify any track that contains a Neutron, Nectar 3, or Relay plug-in. It then allows you to choose which tracks are included in Mix Assistant’s suggestion, as well as which musical element will be the focus of your mix. After it listens to and analyzes your music, Mix Assistant uses machine learning to suggest levels for your tracks.

  • Use the Assist and Focus toggles to choose which elements are emphasized in the Assistant’s mix suggestion.
  • View a complete list of all your IPC-enabled tracks for a complete picture of your mix.
  • Control your sound by re-classifying instruments and toggling between different mix “focuses".
  • Intuitively control gain sliders for Vocal, Bass, Percussion, and Musical mix elements using Visual MIxer.

Pricing Options

Mix Assistant is in Visual Mixer which comes with Neutron 4.

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