June 6, 2019

How to Use Sculptor in Neutron 3

Stop fiddling with EQ, and start sculpting your sound. Learn how to use Neutron 3’s Sculptor module to shape the sound of your tracks.

This article references a previous version of Neutron. Learn about product-popover-icons-neutron.pngNeutron 4 and its powerful features including Assistant View, Target Library, Unmask, and more by clicking here.

Introducing Sculptor

Ease yourself into a perfect mix with the Sculptor module, new in Neutron 3. Sculptor helps solve one of the most difficult tasks in mixing, getting that subtle polish just right to make individual tracks stand out, without added harshness or out-of-control balance. It even talks to Track Assistant (called Track Enhance in Neutron 3 Advanced), our machine learning mixing processor, to identify the instrument you’re working with and shapes the sound of your track for you.

Sculptor comes with over 20 instrument profiles to choose from, letting you experiment with new sounds and make something entirely your own.

Use Sculptor the next time you need to remove muddiness, reduce harshness, and help shape your tracks into better versions of themselves. Watch the video below to learn more about how to use Sculptor in your next mix.