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Master the Modules: Polyvox in VocalSynth 2

by iZotope Team May 22, 2018

Transform and find your voice:

VocalSynth 2

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Polyvox is a voice generator that allows you to create vocal harmonies based on your vocal.

Voice generators come in all shapes and sizes but are based on a similar fundamental concept: sampling an incoming audio signal and then creating multiple additional versions of this audio signal using time/pitch stretching to achieve different intervals, such as an octave down, a third up, and so on. Voice generators are most commonly used on voice but there are many examples of this type of technology being used in guitar effects as well, usually some combination of pitch/whammy adjustment.

Add vocal power with Polyvox:

In this video learn how to:

  • Pitch your vocal up or down with the Format nob
  • Dial in your tone with the Character nob
  • Tweak time and pitch with the Humanize nob
  • Adjust the filter output of Polyvox or the pan position

Pro Tip: Experiment with the Chorus and Delay modules to send Polyvox into orbit.

1. Put Polyvox on a MIDI track
2. Select MIDI Mode
3. Set the sidechain input to a vocal you want to affect
4. Write some MIDI notes
5. Enable Polyvox, Chorus, and Delay
6. Blend to taste directly from the animation

Learn more about vocal production:

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