October 3, 2019 by Geoff Manchester

How and When to Use Tonal Balance Control

Learn how to translate your mix into a balanced master with the improved Tonal Balance Control in Ozone, designed to address balance issues across your session.

Tonal Balance Control is now available for separate purchase. Finalize and fine-tune your master using target curves for different genres. Learn more here.

Getting your mix or master to sit just right across all frequencies can be a difficult task. The reason you balance your frequencies is to ensure your mix or master will translate well across a variety of playback systems, but this can be hard work. Tonal Balance Control was created to make this process more achievable for everyone.

What does Tonal Balance Control do?

Tonal Balance Control displays spectrum information for the track it is currently inserted on, relative to a target curve. This is particularly useful when dealing with tonal balance issues that arise during mixing and mastering. It provides context and direction toward resolving issues with a mix or master, helping you work toward the low end power or high end brilliance found in professionally-produced, radio-ready material.

Improved Tonal Balance Control in Ozone 9

For customers familiar with version one of Tonal Balance Control, this new generation features a number of exciting changes, like all-new genre-specific targets you can reference against, and a completely resizable interface. Now, rather than just controlling the EQ of Ozone and Neutron, you can control the EQ of Ozone, Neutron, Nectar and Relay alongside the gain of those plug-ins. Controlling gain over EQ allows you to alter your tonal balance without incurring the artifacts of EQ.  Let’s dig into how and when to use Tonal Balance Control in your next mix or master.

How do you use Tonal Balance Control?

First of all, we highly recommend that Tonal Balance Control is inserted at the end of the processing chain on your master bus track. After you’ve placed Tonal Balance Control at the end of your master bus, choose a target that best corresponds to your session’s vibe. The targets you’ll choose from were created in-house at iZotope after analyzing thousands of masters and noting any similar frequency areas across the entire spectrum.

If you’d rather use your own reference track that you know and love, you can load it into Tonal Balance Control and the plug-in will generate a similar curve. You can even load a whole folder of songs to create a composite curve.

With just a few moves in Tonal Balance Control, you can make a positive change to the overall energy of your mix or master.

Learn how to get professional sounding mixes with Tonal Balance Control.