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Mastering a Song with Maschine and Ozone 9

by Geoff Manchester, iZotope Content Team October 3, 2019

Explore the future of mastering:

Ozone 10

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We’re proud to announce NKS support for Ozone 9—putting the power of Ozone into your creative process and letting you master while making music with Maschine or Komplete Kontrol. Learn more about NKS support in Ozone 9 here, or watch the video below to set up your workflow.

If you are a Maschine user, adding Ozone 9 modules and presets to your session is a breeze, head to the effects page, start scrolling and look for Ozone 9, and its component plugins. You can load the Ozone mothership, or only the specific modules you want.

Learn more about the new features in Ozone 9

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