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Why Upgrade to Post Production Suite 5

by Brian Moyer, Content Marketing Specialist, iZotope September 2, 2020

30+ tools to repair, mix, & analyze audio:

RX Post Production Suite 5

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This article references a previous version of RX Post Production Suite. Learn about RX Post Production Suite 6 and its powerful features including improved Ambience MatchDialogue IsolateDe-hum, and more by clicking here.

iZotope Post Production Suite has been the most powerful, comprehensive package of audio post-production software on the market since 2015—and now it’s even bigger, smarter, and stronger! Along with RX 8 Advanced, the next generation of the industry-standard for audio repair software, Post Production Suite includes new intelligent tools to benefit any mixing, mastering, and post workflow. 

In this article, we’ll explore how the tools in Post Production Suite 5 can make your next post production, music, or content creation project more effective and efficient (click the links jump to the section that's relevant to you). Check out all the products included in the suite below, and read on to learn more about their various roles in Post Production Suite 5!

  • RX 8 Advanced: The industry-standard in audio repair
  • Nectar 3 Plus: Assistive processing for vocal mixing and production

  • Neutron 3 Advanced: Powerful, futuristic mixing tools for any kind of audio

  • Tonal Balance Control 2: Ubiquitous balance on all playback systems

  • Dialogue Match: Seamless audio continuity for dialogue

  • Insight 2: Professional-grade metering and analysis modules

  • Relay: All-purpose audio utility and Inter-plugin Communication beacon

  • RX Loudness Control: One-click loudness finalization for broadcast

  • Stratus 3D and Symphony 3D: Realistic, colorful, 24-channel surround reverbs

  • Melodyne 5 essential: Industry-leading pitch correction for vocals

  • 1-year all-access pass to Groove3: Video tutorials and learning resources for audio tech

iZotope Post Production Suite 5 For Post Production

Just as the name implies, RX Post Production Suite is a powerhouse in any audio post workflow. With tools for noise reduction, restoration, dialogue editing, mixing, and final delivery, you won’t find a job too great for Post Production Suite.

RX 8 Advanced for Post Production

iZotope RX, the storied gold-standard in audio post and repair, has some new tricks up its sleeve in version 8. With the growing prominence of video calls, remote meetings, and other real-time streamed audio, RX 8 Advanced introduces Spectral Recovery. This intuitive module restores high-end frequencies in streamed-audio recordings, bringing clarity back to grainy meetings, muddled video calls, and garbled podcasts.

RX 8 Spectral Recovery

Before Spectral Recovery

After Spectral Recovery

Not only does RX 8 clarify streamed audio, it also features an improved Dialogue Isolate module with more exact Ambience Preservation. This allows you to produce a natural-sounding dialogue recording, even when used for drastic noise reduction. Focus your scene’s dialogue and ensure your audience catches every word and nuance of each performance.

RX 8 Dialogue Isolate

Before Dialogue Isolate

After Dialogue Isolate

RX 8 Advanced brings additional workflow enhancements, like a doubled 32-tab limit for Composite View, allowing you to view up to 32 audio files at a time within RX Audio Editor, and an improved Batch Processor for single-pass, multi-file processing, reformatting, and exporting—all with multichannel support up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2. Tackle any film, television, or podcast post-production job and work less, finish more.

Nectar 3 Plus for Post Production

Many know Nectar 3 Plus as the all-in-one vocal mixing and production tool, which it is. However, Nectar 3 Plus finds its home in Post Production Suite 5 with its assistive dialogue mixing capabilities. 

To start, place Nectar 3 Plus on a dialogue track and click Vocal Assistant, followed by Assist, the single-track setting to produce a targeted, custom preset. Select the Dialogue vibe, followed by the Intensity that best suits your production—Light, Moderate, or Aggressive—and play your audio. Nectar 3 Plus will then listen to your material and craft a preset to improve the clarity, loudness, and balance in the dialogue recording.

Nectar 3 Plus Vocal Assistant - Dialogue Mode

Once you and Vocal Assistant have established an effects chain for your dialogue, use EQs, compressors, a de-esser, loudness gate, and more mixing modules to polish the audio. At the end of it all, use the Auto Level Mode built into the Limiter in Nectar 3 Plus to deliver the dialogue track your production deserves: crisp, clear, and consistent.

Neutron 3 Advanced in Post Production

Since its inception, Neutron has offered intuitive updates to conventional mixing modules to allow you to touch your sound like never before. In Neutron 3 Advanced, experience futuristic tools with innovative designs and functions for compressors, equalizers, exciters, and more. In version 3, Neutron features the latest reconceived audio tool: the mixer itself!

Wield complete control of your mixes with the combination of Visual Mixer, a contained mixing environment for the tracks in your DAW using Inter-plugin Communication plug-ins, and Mix Assistant, a tool developed with machine learning to produce a rough mix for your entire production after one listen. 

Place Neutron, Relay, or Nectar plug-ins on your session tracks, then choose a Mix Focus in the Mix Assistant menu—accessible via Neutron 3 or Visual Mixer—to determine which sonic elements are highlighted in the suggested, rough mix. From there, Neutron listens to your mix and provides track levels based on your audio, so you can get to work on refining your production audio right from within Visual Mixer.

And with multichannel surround support up to 7.1, Neutron 3 is equipped for even the toughest post-production sessions.

Visual Mixer in Neutron 3

Insight 2 and RX Loudness Control for Post Production

As the deadlines draw near, top-tier audio quality is imperative for your final deliverables. To help with that, Post Production Suite 5 brings you two convenient tools to get your production audio movie, TV, or radio-ready: Insight 2 and RX Loudness Control.

Insight 2 provides a clear, digestible set of audio metering and analysis modules. Keep a watchful eye on each sonic element in your mix throughout your session, and use the Intelligibility Meter to ensure that your dialogue cuts through the rest of the sound. Load up one of the many industry-standard loudness presets—including the 2019 Netflix loudness standard—to monitor your production audio against the industry’s required loudness. 

When it’s time to deliver your work, turn to RX Loudness Control to analyze and adjust the loudness of your audio so that it’s fit for broadcast in full, rich clarity.

Insight 2
RX Loundness Control

iZotope Post Production Suite 5 for Music

While primarily designed for the needs of the audio post-production industry, RX Post Production Suite delivers a host of tools for mixing and editing your music productions as well. Let’s take a look at them one by one and see what they can do for you:

Neutron 3 Advanced for Music

What?! But we’ve already looked at Neutron!

I hear you! Nevertheless, Neutron 3 Advanced bears repeating by virtue of its cutting-edge audio tools geared towards the modern music mix engineer. 

For example, Sculptor introduces technology that’s brand-new to the Neutron family. Select, apply, and refine instrument- and function-specific sonic profiles to tracks in your session—use the drum kit preset to fill out your drum material, or place the timbral characteristics of a piano onto your string section to produce a completely new instrumental character.

Sculptor in Neutron 3

Using Sculptor in addition to the dynamic equalization, transient shaping, harmonic exciting, and noise gate capabilities in Neutron 3 will help give your music productions a sense of character, individuality, and quality.

Stratus 3D and Symphony 3D for Music

Reverb can bring a sense of depth and dimension to music productions that’s irreplicable through other tools. Post Production Suite now brings you two of the best reverbs in the business, Stratus 3D and Symphony 3D by Exponential Audio, both with unique reverb engines crafted to suit diverse audio needs.

Stratus 3D offers natural, realistic reverb to give an authentic sense of environment, while Symphony 3D aims to provide colorful, modulating reflections for creative expression in your music productions. Both plug-ins are equipped with Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 multichannel support, so you can liven up your productions regardless of the channel formatting.

Stratus 3D by Exponential Audio
Symphony 3D by Exponential Audio

Nectar 3 Plus and Melodyne 5 essential for Music

Nectar 3 Plus and Melodyne 5 essential are a match made in vocal mixing heaven. Use Follow Mode in the EQ in Nectar 3 Plus to boost or cut a tonal frequency range, then have the EQ node track the changes in pitch as your vocalist’s melody progresses. This results in transparent equalization for a balanced, uncompromised vocal. From there, use the De-esser to manage harsh sibilance, the Gate to remove errant, low-level noise from spaces between vocal material, or Reverb and Delay to give your vocal production a sense of depth and width.

For less melodically-precise recordings, Melodyne 5 essential offers fast, authentic pitch correction with an intuitive piano roll interface. Once Melodyne has acquired your vocal material in the plug-in window, simply drag the pitch bars to adjust the note sung by your performer. Adjust the fundamental note, pitch drift, and note transitions to craft the perfect take—no re-recording necessary.

Nectar 3 Plus and Melodyne essential

Tonal Balance Control 2

Use Tonal Balance Control 2 for detailed visualizations of your master’s spectral content, which you can reference against Target Curves for specific songs or genres. Simply load up one of the included genre-specific Target Curve presets (or one of our recommended favorites!)—or drag any audio file from your system into Tonal Balance Control 2—to compare your audio’s profile against the Target. By keeping your curve within the curve shown in Tonal Balance Control 2, you’ll be ensuring that your production sounds full and balanced on any playback system. 

Tonal Balance Control 2

Post Production Suite 5 for Content Creation

Chances are, you’re a constant consumer of digital media. Whether we’re watching videos online or listening to an interview or podcast, we’ve come to rely on technology not only to deliver that content, but to deliver it in enjoyable, consumable quality. Luckily, Post Production Suite 5 offers a slew of tools to help you create and send out great-sounding content.

RX 8 Advanced for Content Creation

The star of the show returns to help you clean up audio content of any kind. For interviews and podcasts, turn to the powerful dialogue-processing modules brought to you by RX 8 Advanced:

  • Dialogue Isolate: As we mentioned in the For Post section, RX 8’s improved Dialogue Isolate module helps you remove non-vocal material from your recordings without compromising clarity.

  • Voice De-noise: This powerful module helps remove troublesome artifacts in dialogue and vocal recordings with a visual UI to show you exactly what you’re taking out.

  • Mouth De-click: Another module designed around the mechanics of human speech and singing (like Biovox in VocalSynth 2!), Mouth De-click targets distracting transient sounds produced by lips, saliva, and other physical aspects of the mouth and voice.

  • Dialogue Contour: The cure for the common overdub. Adjust the pitch inflections of your dialogue recording to emphasize questions, correct unnatural speech patterns, and rework the overall tone of the dialogue for intelligible and natural spoken word recordings.

With these tools—and a litany of additional modules for dialogue editing—your spoken dialogue will be crystal clear and ready for streaming.

Dialogue Match for Content Creation

In 2019, iZotope released the first reverb-matching plug-in ever: Dialogue Match. By combining technologies from iZotope and Exponential Audio, Dialogue Match has the ability to analyze, extract, and transfer the EQ, reverb, and Ambience Profile from one dialogue file to another. In essence, the environmental attributes of one piece of dialogue—i.e. a podcaster in a recording studio—can be placed on another dialogue file recorded in a completely different space—i.e. a speaker being interviewed remotely from his or her home. This enables you to maintain consistent dialogue character throughout your production, yielding a more seamless listening experience.

Dialogue Match

The takeaways

With more and more powerful software becoming readily available, the barrier between different kinds of audio work is virtually non-existent. With RX Post Production Suite, you can be sure that you’re equipped for any job the industry demands.

Learn more about the plug-ins in Post Production Suite 5:

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