Text Navigation

Even if you love Spectrograms as much as we do, navigating long dialogue files can be time-consuming, especially when seeking specific events in a recording.

See what you hear with Text Navigation. It analyzes dialogue and displays a text transcription above the Spectrogram that's in sync with the corresponding audio. So you can search for specific words in an audio file and also select and edit the recording using text. [This navigation feature is only available in English for RX 11.]

Working on a single audio track with more than one speaker? Save time navigating through the file by using Multiple Speaker Detection to help find and tag the sections of speech associated with each individual voice. This is incredibly helpful especially when different speakers require different processing.

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Which edition of RX is right for you?

This feature is available in the RX 11 Standard, RX 11 Advanced and RX Post Production Suite 8 designed to meet any budget or post production need.