March 6, 2022 by iZotope

Why Upgrade to RX 10? Here's What's New

Introducing RX 10, the most intelligent audio clean up and noise reduction software yet. Discover what’s new in RX to restore, clean up, and improve audio recordings and learn about the upgrade options available.

iZotope  product-popover-icons-rx.png RX 10  is the industry’s most intuitive and intelligent audio repair suite that helps restore, clean up, and improve recordings in post production, music, and content creation. 

From analyzing audio capture and production issues to providing processing solutions, RX salvages poor audio takes that were once unfixable and delivers reliably clear sound quality.

Take a look at all of the new and improved features included in RX 10 to speed up your editing workflow and enable you to captivate audiences by bringing out the best in recorded audio.

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Save time editing with the new Repair Assistant Plug-in

If you’re new to audio repair, or you just want to save time, try the new Repair Assistant plug-in, which uses machine learning to find and fix audio issues quickly without leaving your DAW. The Assistant automatically recognizes specific problems and intelligently proposes a repair chain that you can modify to your liking with easy-to-use dials. More than just an upgrade of the previous Repair Assistant, this plug-in was built from the ground up.


Work faster with new Text Navigation function

Even if you love spectrograms as much as we do, navigating long dialogue files can be time-consuming, especially when seeking specific events in a recording. Now you can see what you hear with the new Text Navigation function. It analyzes dialogue and displays a text transcription above the spectrogram that's in sync with the corresponding audio. So you can now search for specific words in an audio file and also select and edit the recording using text. 


This text navigation feature is only available in English for RX 10 at this time. 

Find and clean up speakers quickly with Multiple Speaker Detection

Are you working on a single audio track with more than one speaker? Save time navigating through the file by using Multiple Speaker Detection to help find and tag the sections of speech associated with each individual voice. This is incredibly helpful especially when different speakers require different processing.  

Remove unwanted hum with Dynamic Adaptive Mode in De-hum

Save time removing unwanted hum with the new Dynamic Adaptive Mode in RX De-Hum. Get rid of hums and buzzes on the fly, without having to spend time learning the noise profile of your audio. Eliminating electromagnetic interference or other complex noise that changes pitch can now be done automatically without sacrificing quality.


Bring life back into thin audio with improved Spectral Recovery

Is your recording lacking highs and lows? Was it recorded on a mobile phone or on non-studio-grade equipment? Spectral Recovery can help to bring life back to thin-sounding audio to match the rest of your productions. The new version improves upon the quality of re-synthesized upper frequencies and can now add missing lower frequencies, too. 

Learn more about how to use RX Spectral Recovery for Zoom and phone recordings. 


Additional Enhancements

Selection Feathering

Make smoother edits with improved Selection Feathering, which now also works in the frequency domain. [Standard and Advanced]

Improved Selection Feathering in RX 10

Improved Selection Feathering in RX 10

RX Elements Upgrades

product-popover-icons-rx.png RX Elements  now consists of the brand new Repair Assistant plug-in and five component plugins: De-Hum (with updated Dynamic Mode), De-Click, De-Clip, Voice De-Noise, and De-Reverb. 

Exponential Audio Reverbs running natively on Apple silicon

Our surround reverbs,  product-popover-icons-exponential-audio.png Stratus 3D  and  product-popover-icons-exponential-audio.png Symphony 3D  by Exponential Audio, have been updated to run natively on Apple silicon and feature a refreshed look—included in iZotope Post Production Suite 7. 

NEW compatibility updates to make your repair work easier

  • VST3 plug-in hosting is now available in the RX 10 Audio Editor
  • RX 10 plug-ins are now supported in Pro Tools on Native Apple Silicon

Start cleaning up your audio with RX 10

Now that you know all of the intelligent features that can make your audio clean up process easier and faster, it’s time to get started on using RX in your next session. Dive even further into RX with new tutorials on how to clean up audio from a phone recording, how to remove clicks and pops from audio, and how to get a great sounding podcast

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product-popover-icons-rx-post-production-suite.png RX Post Production Suite 7  gives you all the tools you need to improve and repair noisy recordings, edit dialogue, and mix audio. Bring stories to life with groundbreaking software solutions – RX 10 Advanced, Dialogue Match, Insight 2, Symphony 3D and Stratus 3D reverbs by Exponential Audio, and more.

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