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Mixing Pop and Rap Vocals | Video Tutorial

by Geoff Manchester, iZotope Content Team February 27, 2020

Let your vocals cut through the mix:

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Pop and hip-hop are two genres that dominate the charts. With each passing year that pop and hip-hop compete for airspace (often in the same song), the production considerations of each genre become increasingly similar. More and more artists both sing and rap their vocals—or somewhere in between. To account for this genre mash-up, it’s important to think about aspects of pop vocal mixing alongside hip-hop and rap vocal best practices. 

In the video below, we take lead vocals and background vocals that are both sung and rapped. We’ll walk you through how to clean up the vocal prior to mixing, how to unmask your vocal from other elements, some best practices for mixing background vocals, and how to add in the appropriate effects processing—compression, EQ, saturation, delay, reverb, and more.

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