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Using the Track Assistant in Neutron

Neutron includes Track Assistant, which can save you valuable time by offering custom presets by listening to your audio. Watch the tutorial below or read on to learn how to get started with Track Assistant so you can focus on what's truly important—the mix.

The Track assistant is a powerful tool that can identify instruments, and help to get you started by suggesting settings for individual parameters for the modules within Neutron. Best of all, it is customized to the source material. Think of it like a highly customized preset, specific to the track Neutron is loaded on.


Using the Track Assistant function

It’s pretty simple to use. Start by listening to your track with Neutron bypassed. Then un-bypass Neutron and turn on Track Assistant. Neutron’s interface will gray out when it’s listening to the audio on the track. It takes about four to 10 seconds to complete the analysis.

Once the analysis is complete, you should notice that the modules in Neutron have been re-ordered and that Neutrino is now set to a specific mode. In the video example above, it's set to Vocal mode.

You can see that Neutron has turned on the EQ module, the two compressor modules and the exciter module, but bypassed the transient shaper module, as that is not something you’d usually need to use on vocals.

In the EQ, you will see that five bands are enabled making some small cuts and boosting certain frequencies with the shelving EQ. Notice that some of these bands are in static mode and some are in dynamic mode. All of this is set based on the intelligent analysis done by the Track Assistant.

In the compressor, you will see that it has created optimal crossover points for the multiband functions. All the individual parameters on each band of the compressor are also set to the recommended values.

This is the same thing for the exciter. The crossover is set and all the parameters for each band are also set.

It’s important to know that all parameters set by the Track Assistant are just suggested starting points. Feel free to go in and fine tune parameters, completely turn ON or OFF individual bands, or even entire modules. Nothing in Neutron is fixed. It’s like an intelligent preset that gives you a starting point for a track in your mix but still gives you all the creative control. Pick and choose what works for you.


Setting the Track Assistant settings

There are three different styles for how the Track Assistant works. In the Options window, under the General tab, you’ll find the Track Assistant mode drop down menu. Here you can choose between Subtle, Medium, or Aggressive. The default setting is Medium, but you can always change this to what works best for you. Each mode also has three presets which offer further customization, so you can set the Track Assistant to work with your particular style of music and mixing.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the Track Assistant works independently of other tracks. You can have Neutron on many different tracks in a session and use the Track Assistant. While they will not influence each other within Track Assistant, features like the Masking Meter can communicate across instances of Neutron and offer powerful metering and functionality.

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