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2-Minute Tips: Mixing, Mastering, and Music Production

by iZotope Education Team August 13, 2018

Balance your own mix:

Neutron 3

Explore the future of mastering:

Ozone 9

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2-Minute Tips is a video series that teaches you quick mixing, mastering, and music production techniques using iZotope’s plug-ins. Jump to a specific video using the table of contents below, or view the complete playlist on iZotope's YouTube channel.

2-Minute Tips Videos:

1. Tame Sharp Guitar Sounds with a De-esser

2. Get Your Mix Moving with Subtle Sidechain Compression

3. Make Guitar Solos Stand Out

4. Add Impact by Removing Mix Elements

5. Intensify Vocals with Reverse Reverb 

6. Pan Background Vocals with Visual Mixer

7. Make Beats Sound Lo-Fi

8. Use a High Pass Filter to Shape Low End

9. Achieve a Powerful Kick Sound

10. Add Transient Power to Snares

11. Enhance Bass Guitar

12. Cut Through the Mix with Distortion

13. Warm Up Your Keys

14. Add Clarity and Presence to Vocals

15. Find the Location of Frequencies

16. Rein in Reverb

17. Instantly Process Vocal Ad-libs

18. Mastering the Limiter

Tame Sharp Guitar Sounds with a De-esser

When you have multiple guitar tracks overlapping, they can potentially make your mix sound crowded and unpleasantly sharp. Learn how to tame guitars with a de-esser. 

Get Your Mix Moving with Subtle Sidechain Compression

Sidechain compression is a mixing technique that can make groovy songs groove even harder. But subtlety is key—going too far can make your track sound unnatural. Learn how to add movement and energy to your song with Neutron 2’s Sidechain Mode.

Make Guitar Solos Stand Out

Want to make guitar solos stand out in a busy mix? Learn how in In this mixing tip, as we treat a guitar solo with Neutron, Ozone Imager, and a delay plug-in.

Add Impact by Removing Mix Elements

Cutting or fading certain mix elements in your song at the right times can create curiosity within your listener. Here we omit everything except the vocals before a big moment.

Intensify Vocals with Reverse Reverb

Using reverse reverb build-ups can dramatize your music productions. Watch this video to learn how to create these impactful swells.

Pan Background Vocals with Visual Mixer

Panning and arranging background vocals can sometimes be a challenge, but Neutron 2's Visual Mixer makes experimenting different panning scenarios simple.

Lo-Fi the Mix

Use Neutron 2’s Gate and Exciter modules, along with our free Vinyl plug-in, to send a modern sounding sample back in time.

Use a High Pass Filter to Shape Low End

High-passing elements in your mix that compete with essential low-end instruments, like bass and kick, can bring focus and clarity to your low end. Learn how to use Neutron 2’s Masking Meter to make this process easy.

Achieve a Powerful Kick Sound

Set up dynamic nodes with Neutron 2’s EQ to make your kick explode through a crowded mix.

Add Transient Power to Snares

Learn how to use the Transient Shaper in Neutron 2 to push snare tracks to the forefront of a busy drum set.

Enhance Bass Guitar

Learn how to a bass line that has both a great top end and bottom end using Neutron 2.

Cut Through the Mix with Distortion

A health dose of saturation can take a mix element to the next level. In this example, we use Neutron 2’s Exciter module to excite our keys (accordion, organ, Rhodes), adding distortion to help cut through the mix.

Warm Up Your Keys

Use the power of Ozone’s vintage modules to bring analogue warmth and fuzziness to keyboards and pianos.

Add Clarity and Presence to Vocals

Duplicate your lead vocal track and then use Neutron 2’s Track Assistant with settings of Upfront + High to give your vocal clarity and power.

Find the Location of Frequencies

Learn how to unlock the power of EQs across many iZotope plug-ins with the alt+solo feature, a must for surgical subtractive EQ work.

Rein In Reverb

Dialing in the right amount of post-EQ within Nectar 2’s plate reverb will ensure your vocal gets some air but stays grounded to avoid intelligibility loss.

Instantly Process Vocal Ad-Libs

Learn how compression, harmonic saturation, band-passed EQ, and reverb help set the groundwork for any pro vocal ad-lib chain.

Mastering the Limiter

Limiters are a powerful tool in mixing and mastering, but with great power comes great responsibility. Learn how attack and release times impact a mix, and how to mitigate any unexpected harmonic artifacts that a limiter might generate with Ozone 8’s Maximizer.

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