Music Production

  • 5 Ways to Use Delay to Enhance Your Track’s Groove

    Apply delay effects creatively across different instruments and sounds, including basslines, synths, and entire beats. 

  • How to Transform Percussion Loops with Foley

    In this blog we build Foley-infused percussion loops using Trash 2, Vinyl, and VocalSynth. Follow along with audio examples.

  • 11 Tips for Budgeting Your Production

    While home studio production works well for many of the budget-conscious among us, if you choose to go the professional studio route for production, mixing, and mastering, let this be your guide.

  • Swing and Syncopation: Understanding DAW Groove

    In this article we break down two of the grooviest features found in most DAWs: swing and syncopation. Follow along with audio examples.

  • 11 Creative Sidechain Compression Techniques

    Sidechain to a fill, sidechain to a ghost, sidechain everything! We explore some underused sidechain compression techniques in music production.

  • The Music Producer’s Guide to Backing Up Data

    Why should you back up your projects? What exactly should you back up? Which backup formats are available to you? This and more!

  • 3 Ways to Warp Vocals with VocalSynth

    Rethink vocal processing with these three warped VocalSynth examples that work across multiple musical genres. 

  • Reflecting on Reverb: What It Is and How to Use It

    What is reverb? Using audio examples, we reflect on the different types of reverb and how musicians, producers, and engineers can use it.

  • Finessing the Flanger: How to Create Beautiful and Weird Sounds

    Today we feature the flanger—one of the more divisive studio effects. Learn how flangers work and when to use them, following along with audio examples.